7 Last-Minute Easter Travel Deal Ideas That Will Save You Money


If you've got spring fever, and you're looking for a spur-of-the-moment getaway, then you're going to want to hop on these last-minute Easter 2019 travel deals. While there's something to be said for planning a far-off vacation that you can spend months looking forward too, going on a last-minute trip also has its benefits. "So many people talk about how fun it is to look forward to a trip. And how they can’t wait until their departure because it is going to be so amazing. But if you are constantly looking toward that next trip, or another shiny object in the future, you can’t really live in the moment," travel blogger Kaley Ann said on her website.

What's more, booking late often means getting killer deals on undersold hotels, flights, and rental cars. "There is a good chance that you could save a lot of money by booking last-minute travel deals. Hotels often have last-minute deals if they are trying to sell any remaining rooms. And since you are booking so close to your departure date, you can avoid paying extra for the flexible rate that allows cancellations or changes," Kaley Ann noted. I've gone on a few last-minute getaways, and those trips ended up being some of the best vacays I've ever had. If you've got some serious wanderlust, check out these last-minute travel deals for Easter 2019, grab your squad, and get the hell out of dodge.


Get A Good Friday Flight Deal

Sometimes flying on a holiday means you get a cheaper flight. The website One Travel lists myriad Good Friday flight deals that can get you to tons of attractive vacation destinations on the cheap.


Use Last Minute Travel To Book Today

One you've scored your cheap flight, you're going to need a hotel. The website Last Minute Travel lists hotels in cities like Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and more that all have cheap Easter rates.


Go With A Groupon

While you might use Groupon for deals on restaurants or salons, Groupon also has great travel deals. I've taken a Groupon vacation, and it was an amazing deal. Many of the trips are flight-hotel combo packages, which means you can just book your adventure and board the plane.


Get A Crazy-Good Deal On A Cruise

Cruises are a great way to grab yourself a last-minute travel deal because unsold cabins often go for a song. Some cruises are offering cabins for as little as $100 a night, which is perfect for a last-minute Easter vacay on the cheap.


Travel To The Caribbean On The Cheap

The best way to get a cheap Easter 2019 travel deal to the Caribbean is on This site offers all-inclusive deals (including flights) to dozens of Instagram-worthy Caribbean destinations that are sure to give your friends major FOMO.


Book It With Vacation Express

For the last-minute Lucy who wants an epic adventure, Vacation Express offers Easter week all-inclusive travel deals from $549. This includes non-stop flights from dozens of cities to destinations like the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and more.


Take Advantage Of Travel Pirates

From Croatia to Europe to Disney World, Travel Pirates offers all-inclusive deals when you fly from certain cities. Spend seven nights in Croatia at a four-star hotel with flights included for less than $800, or book a three-day stay at Disney World for $400. There's tons of other deals with something that's sure to appeal to every last-minute traveler.

Whether you want to go near or far, booking a spontaneous trip is an ideal way to cure your spring fever during Easter 2019 without breaking the bank. And let's be honest, you totally deserve a vacation.