7 Magical Castles In The UK Where You Can Host Your Very Own Royal Wedding

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With the three royal weddings that have taken place over the past decade, lots of people have developed a bit of a desire to have a classy, grand wedding — and that starts with the perfect location. While there are some brilliant venues to have your special day in, what's more idyllic and royal-family worthy then choosing a castle to get married in? It may seem impossibly over-the-top and unrealistic, but if you want to tie the knot in a location straight out of a fairytale you can. There are lots of magical castles you can get married in in the UK.

Unfortunately for us, if you fancied getting married where The Duchess of Sussex married Prince Harry, you're not in luck. St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle is only available if you are a member of the royal family or are a knight of some sort. However, you can get married in the castle Meghan stayed the night before her wedding, or in the impressive grounds that are home to many state and official visits from world leaders. If those sound too grand for you, there are other more modest options that are still just as beautiful. Here are some of my faves.


Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

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Blenheim Palace has the most beautiful grounds and is a seriously impressive castle. It's so grand that it's sometimes chosen as the venue for state and official visits from other world leaders. So you'll be in good company if you decide to get married here.


Clivedon House, Berkshire


Clivedon may sound familiar to you, and that's probably because it was the venue Meghan Markle stayed in the night prior to her very own royal wedding. If it's fit for a Princess... They offer a number of wedding packages, but as you would expect, most don't come cheap.


Highclere Castle, Berkshire

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If you want to get a taste of real British history, Highclere Castle should be right at the top of your list of potential wedding venues. Why? Well, Downtown Abbey is filmed here. Yes, that's right, this is the real live Downton. Need I say more?


Bovey Castle, Devon

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Located in Dartmoor National Park, you're guaranteed to get some amazing wedding snaps surrounded by the incredible Devonshire nature and scenery. There are a good range of packages here for married couples to-be.


Warwick Castle, Warwickshire


With rooms such as the 'Great Hall' and the 'State Room', you know this one is seriously classy. There are a wide range of wedding packages, and your bridal snaps are guaranteed to be out of this world regal.


Leeds Castle, Kent

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Complete with its own moat and 500 acres of beautiful lush green gardens, you'll feel like you've just stepped in to a scene from a storybook with this one. Known as "The Loveliest Castle in the World," this is a great option for weddings.


Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire

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This romantic little castle is not too big, and yet still manages to feel super grand and worthy of your big day. You'll get your own dedicated wedding coordinators, so getting married at a castle won't seem too intimidating.


So there you have it, seven dreamy locations in which to host your very own royal wedding. If you need me, I'll be adding every single one to a Pinterest board.