7 Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies Streaming Now, For All Your Twin Comedy Needs

From a dream Paris vacay to that time they tried to convince us they weren't twins.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been out of the acting game for a long time now. Mary-Kate's last film, Beastly, came out in 2011, and Ashley last played "Kissing Girl #3" in The Jerk Theory in 2009 — who knew! The sisters are now well-respected fashion designers, but their many, many movies still live on. And if you have an undeniable, nostalgia-fueled urge to stream one of Mary-Kate and Ashley's movies, there are a few that are easy to find online.

The Olsen twins were in a ton of movies over the years, including theatrical releases, straight-to-DVD films, and shorts as part of their The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's... series. Some of these short videos can be found cut into clips on YouTube, but as far as the full-length movies, several of them are available on popular streaming services, as you'll see below.

Regardless of why you want to watch some old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies — to remember the good old days, to show to the next generation of fans, or to remind yourself that the twins somehow aren't supposed to be playing sisters in It Takes Two — here are seven classics you can check out online right now.

1. Double, Double, Toil And Trouble

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble is a made-for-TV Halloween movie that aired in 1993. IMDb's interesting description reads, "On Halloween night, two precocious little girls try to save their parents from the greedy clutches of their nasty old Capitalist aunt." OK!

Streaming on Hulu. Rent on Amazon for $3.99 or buy for $9.99. Rent on YouTube for $3.99 or buy for $14.99.

2. How The West Was Fun

In this 1994 movie, the Olsen twins visit a dude ranch owned by their grandmother... but the future of the ranch hangs in the balance!

Rent on Amazon and YouTube for $3.99 or buy for $14.99.

3. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is like The Parent Trap in that it's about two girls who look alike, trying to get two adults who care about them to fall in love. It Takes Two is not like The Parent Trap in that the girls are not supposed to be related. Even though they look exactly the same.

Rent for $3.99 or buy for $4.99 on Amazon.

4. Billboard Dad

Here is the trailer for Billboard Dad, a movie that explains why some of us can never get on back on board with the small sunglasses trend... I mean, a movie about two girls who try to get their dad dates by putting him on a billboard.

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5. Passport To Paris

The twins go to Paris to shop, meet boys, and deliver lines like, "What can I say? We're teenagers."

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6. Switching Goals

One sister is great at soccer and one is awful, so they decide to switch teams for reasons that are surely explained in the movie.

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7. New York Minute

New York Minute, from 2004, is Mary-Kate and Ashley's final movie together to date. It's about an overachiever twin who is trying to get into Oxford, and a twin who always skips school and wants to meet Simple Plan. It also stars Jared Padalecki and features a cameo from their Full House dad, Bob Saget, as himself. Did I mention this movie is from 2004?

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There's a lot of variety here, so what'll it be? Little kids trying to get Kirstie Alley a husband or tweens in Paris?