It's Impossible To Pick THE Best Mary-Kate & Ashley Movie

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If you want to really rile up a '90s kid, there's one question that should do the trick. And, no, I'm not talking about the Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC debate (the latter is better, no contest). Instead, ask a millennial: what's the best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie of all time? Seriously, try it — and the results will be divisive, to say the least. It's even more polarizing than choosing a favorite Power Ranger color.

Growing up as a fraternal twin like MK & A (yes, they're fraternal, as true fans know), I always had a special place in my heart for all of their projects — or should I say masterpieces? From the You're Invited series to their straight-to-VHS films, they tackled it all. They ventured to the Wild West or to the Eiffel Tower, making the Olsens the very definition of worldly, cool, and fashionable AF. Don't tell me you didn't spend hours trying to find a Mary-Kate style top at Limited Too or to get effortless waves in your hair à la Ashley.

To solve the "What's the best movie?" mystery once and for all, I didn't call Mary-Kate and Ashley's detective agency. They've probably outgrown those trench coats by now anyway.

Instead, I asked Bustle and Romper's editors what they think is the greatest Olsen movie of all time, and the conclusion? This is one crime — er, debate — you can't solve by dinnertime.

Holiday In The Sun

"The best Mary-Kate and Ashley movie is Holiday in the Sun. This is not an argument in my mind. First, they jet off to the Bahamas with Krispy Kremes (glam), they are in a tropical location, which is very, very fun. They get caught up in arguably their most scandalous and intense predicament, an antique smuggling ring, which is like, crazy for teens to get involved in. Plus, Play (the band) performs. And Megan Fox is insufferable as Brianna Wallace." —Allison Piwowarski, Senior News & Entertainment Editor, Romper

New York Minute

"I love NYM. I have a sister that I'm really close to, and I feel like their little personality clash in that movie is just like me and my sister. And we loved to watch that movie together and make fun of it, but also really felt the sisterly bond thing. It was serious, but not. And that was fun." —Abbey Adkison, Senior Video Producer, Bustle

Passport To Paris

"First of all, there’s the opening sequence, which is truly a masterpiece of teen slang. Then, there are the outfits. Always perfectly coordinated and completely enviable (I bought a one-strapped backpack that I could keep sunglasses in). Then there’s, of course, 'bonjour, bonjour oh my god,' along with eating McDonalds in France, riding around on mopeds, solving a water crisis, flinging escargot across the room, and so much more that sets Passport To Paris apart from the rest of the Mary-Kate & Ashley pantheon." —Sam Rullo, TV Editor, Bustle

Easily one of the best parts of the entire movie.

Our Lips Are Sealed

"Our Lips Are Sealed was the best because not only is it hilarious, but at one point in the movie Mary-Kate and Ashley threaten their assassins with FEMININITY (they threaten to paint their toenails and put bras on them or something) to get them to go away, and if that isn’t damn symbolic, I don’t know what is." —Kadeen Griffiths, Entertainment Editor, Bustle

It Takes Two

"All the movies are amazing, of course, but It Takes Two is OBVIOUSLY the best one. There are food fights, horse rides, class struggles, very disturbing scenes of child labor — It Takes Two is ridiculous, and I love it very very much." —Rachel Simon, Associate Movies Editor, Bustle

Winning London

"That vent scene." —Alex Finkel, Editorial Operations Director, Bustle

And in case you don't know what she means, skip ahead to the 0:32 mark in the clip above.

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only did Mary-Kate’s character share my name, but we got double the amount of Cloris Leachman as a good and bad witch. I mean, does it get any better than that? And who didn’t want that green moonstone necklace?" —Kelly Schremph, Associate TV Editor, Romper

Billboard Dad

"OMG. The best MK & A movie is definitely Billboard Dad. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which would be their style reaching unprecedented heights (by way of those tiny pink and blue tinted sunglasses frames and sassy one piece suits)." —Elly Ayres, Associate Branded Fashion Editor, Bustle

If I had to choose, I'd throw my vote in for Billboard Dad. The shenanigans and their cool sunglasses were everything to my 7-year-old self. But the good news here? Any Mary-Kate and Ashley movie you pick is a winner.

The persuasive prompts above can simply guide you to figuring out your own personal fave. Let the reminiscing begin.