11 Meditations That’ll Keep You Calm During This Month’s Chaotic Mercury Retrograde

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We all know and dread it: Mercury retrograde. The planet that astrologically represents communication, spins backwards, and consequentially complicates everyone's lives. The best way to prepare and remain calm during this planetary shift is to take extra precaution when it comes to making plans and using technology. Make sure the e-mail you're sending isn't "Reply All" when it's not meant to be, for instance — and maybe even do a Mercury retrograde-alleviating meditation to help yourself remain calm and collected. It will help you find the humor and the new adventure in that travel itinerary that gets flipped upside down in Mercury's reverse motion.

Whether or not you believe in Mercury retrograde, it's hard to deny that, during this time, things seem a little, well, unhinged. I'm speaking from personal experience here: On a recent trip to Scotland taken during 2017's last Mercury retrograde, the stable itinerary that I planned was decimated by unforeseen obstacles. The sleeper van I rented for an epic roadtrip turned out to have a manual transmission, which I cannot drive. The roads in the Scottish highlands became buried under a random yet severe snowstorm while I was out at dinner, which made it impossible for me to get back to my lodging. I was forced into a scramble to reserve a car I could actually operate and rebook an entire road trip's worth of hotels. On my phone. With spotty wi-fi.

It was a headache made in retrograde. And though I survived the horror of traveling during that time, I found a silver lining. Like, the beauty of an unexpected adventure and the art of staying calm.

So, heads up, we will be entering the mist of Mercury retrograde Mar. 22 to Apr. 15, according the the Farmer's Almanac. Just stay calm with a playlist of meditations and go about your daily business. And remember to enjoy the unexpected ride.

Mindfulness Meditation

There is real power when it comes to meditation. There are studies that prove that practicing daily meditation can actually change how the brain thinks. Mindful meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and a wandering mind. When it comes to Mercury retrograde it is crucial to keep the mind focused on the details. This mindfulness meditation will help you do this. Just take all those deep breaths, focus and carry on!

Relax In Mercury Retrograde Meditation

This meditation takes less than 7 minutes so you can center yourself on your lunch break. Things may seem chaotic when we're in retrograde. E-mails aren't sending out. You're calling IT a lot. Don't get overwhelmed. Just do as this meditation says and "just, pause ... recalculate, review." Who knew you could uncover so much wisdom in such an unpopular time!

Guided Meditation For Positive Energy

Frustration is an express lane to negativity. All of a sudden we doubt ourselves and our abilities. Keep that negativity energy out of your zen zone. YouTube's Positive Magazine will have you feeling refreshed and positive during a time that poses a threat to your positivity.

Guided Meditation For Anxiety & Stress

Feeling anxious and stressed? Same. It might not all be because of Mercury but delayed communication because of a retrograde can be playing up that stress. Deep breaths. There's a meditation for that.

Throat Chakra Pure Tone Binaural Beat Frequency

Communication is what's really being toyed with here, right? In that case, it might not be a bad idea to focus on the throat chakra.

THROAT CHAKRA Healing — A Guided Meditation

Some astrologists might advise us to watch what we say or how we articulate it when Mercury is retrograde. We might even want to think twice about what we caption our social media posts. Or what we post at all! Take a deep breath and double the mindful focus on your throat chakra.

Mastering The present And relaxation

I mean, we're in retrograde whether we'd like to be or not. Might as well sit upright in your most comfortable chair, close your eyes for ten minutes or so and count your breaths to make the most of the present.

A Meditation for Authentic Communication

Communication is key. And it's what is at fault here. Find your zen and voice.

Guided Healing Body Scan Meditation

Check in with yourself. All of you. From head to toe. Chakra to chakra.

10 Minute Calming Guided Meditation For Driving Or Traveling Anxiety

When Mercury decides to mess with us, traveling can often be delayed. As I experienced on my recent Mercury in retrograde sponsored getaway. It will be crucial to stay calm. A meditation for calming traveling anxiety will be crucial to keep your mind clear.


We're advised to not make any crucial decisions when Mercury goes retrograde. While we're not signing contracts and speaking too soon, it's a positive time to reflect. To think about what you want to say. Really, with our minds in the right set, Mercury in retrograde can be a positive time to uncover a great deal of wisdom. Use the energy for your own benefit with this guided meditation.