7 Meditations To Help You Remain Zen During The March Full Moon

Michael Dodge/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Wednesday, March 20, at 9:43 p.m ET, March's full moon will shine in the sky, bringing the winter season to an end and making way for the spring to unfold. Because this month's full moon falls on the eve of the spring equinox, it's pretty complex and its effects will be intensely felt by all. To prepare yourself for the astronomical event, you'll want to keep in mind some meditations for the March full moon, as you'll need a clear and quiet mind to navigate these cosmic and seasonal changes.

The March full moon falls in Libra, which means it will be under the influence of the judicial air sign. If your life is not balanced, the full moon will shine a light on that imbalance and make it impossible for you to ignore any longer. If there are parts of your life that you haven't been properly evaluating, or have been straight up ignoring, they're going to come into full view under the full moon. Whether it's a relationship you've been neglecting, or your awareness of a co-worker who isn't pulling their way, these little injustices will come to the surface under the full moon, and you'll need to deal with them.

While for many, the Libra full moon will be an unwanted time of emotional upheaval, your perspective will determine what kind of experience you have. If you look forward to the work, it will be fulfilling. If you try to avoid it, or greet it with hesitation, you won't be productive and you'll waste an opportunity to be progressive. To ensure that you're in a healthy mindset and anticipating the full moon with good intentions, you'll want to spend some time meditating, starting now. Here are a few meditations that are perfect for March's Libra full moon. They'll leave you feeling organized, ready for change, calm, and emotionally charged:

Inner Balance Meditation

This guided musical mediation will gently slow your thoughts and create an atmosphere that you can focus on your breathing in. Listen to this mediation help you push away surface thoughts that might get in the way of some of the deeper work that the full moon would like to inspire you to do. Use this meditation to get you ready for a silent mediation and to turn down the noise from the day.

Mind Organizational Meditation

This guru-lead meditation features an inspiring seminar in the practice of organizing the mind and manifesting what you want in life. When you're ready to start working on balancing your life more efficiently, this mediation will help you take meaningful action and empower you to believe in your own power.

Quickie Honesty Meditation

If you don't have much time to meditate, this short and straightforward mindful breathing focused meditation will help you turn inward just long enough to regroup. If you're looking to find a minute of peace at work before you step up and make a progressive change for yourself, this meditation will be your secret weapon.

Harmonizing Meditation

The influence of the full moon in Libra will leave you wanting to achieve a level of harmony but internally and externally. A few minutes following this peaceful harmony-seeking mediation will help you to identify what's out of line and give you an opportunity to sit with that and think about how to fix it, or why it came out of sync.

Clearing Full Moon Meditation

Now that you've identified what imbalances are in your life and you've figured out how to address them, it's time to let go of the negative energy that was attached to them. You're already working towards making changes that feel more justified to you, so get rid of any trace of negativity that might be lingering behind.

Calm Down And Start Fresh Mediation

Don't forget that just as much as March's full moon is about addressing imbalances, it's also about turning over a new leaf and greeting the spring season with confidence, good intentions, and optimism. This beautiful and melodic mediation will help guide you into the spring with all of the positive energy that you can muster. Listen to this meditation as you go to sleep under the full moon and wake up with a renewed sense of hope for a productive, progressive and fulfilling spring.

Deep Sleep Meditation

Now that you've done some active meditations with objectives, enjoy this sleep-inducing meditation that requires absolutely nothing of you. This mediation is literally eight hours long, which means that you don't even have to turn it off, you can just press play and go to sleep to the gentle and harmonious soundtrack.