7 Memes & Tweets About The Man Dressed As Elsa In Boston That Will Have You Making ‘Frozen’ Puns All Day Long

Boston police have the Snow Queen to thank after a man dressed as Elsa from Frozen braved the snow to help free a police wagon stuck in snowdrifts. The man, identified by The Boston Globe as 37-year-old attorney Jason Triplett, dodged out of The Gallows bar in Boston’s South End to push the wagon, and, his cape fluttering in the nor'easter wind, apparently managed to free it single-handedly. According to The Washington Post, fellow Gallows patron, restaurant publicist Christopher Haynes, posted footage of Triplett's royal act of kindness on Facebook Mar. 13. Unsurprisingly, the post has since gone viral on multiple social platforms, and folks on social media are probably not going to be letting it go anytime soon, considering how many have been tweeting and meme'ing up a storm.

Haynes' Facebook post has been liked more than 14,000 times, shared nearly 100,000 times, and has garnered nearly 9,000 comments. In his video, you can hear patrons cheering Triplett on. "Come on, Elsa!" shouts one. Another yells, "Let him go!" On Twitter, a tweet embedding the original video has racked up another 300,000 likes.

After Triplett successfully frees the police wagon, he turns and graces his applauding audience with several court-ready curtsies. According to The Boston Globe, Triplett bought the Elsa costume during winter last year and decided to wear it Tuesday "to give his friends a laugh."

As it turns out, Triplett is bringing joy to the denizens of the internet as well. Here are the best memes and tweets about everyone's favorite Snow Queen.

1. Let It Go, Anna

Elsa is busy, Anna, dang it.

2. #justlittlebostonthings

Good ol' winter bonding.

3. Stress Relief

This has definitely been a bright spot in the news cycle.

4. Lawyer Up

Snow powers and a law degree.

5. No One Went Out To Help Elsa...

...but no worries. Elsa had it handled.

6. Super-Snow

OK, fair point. But maybe Elsa has to keep the power on the down-low.

7. Alien Education

Honestly, yes, that would be ideal.

The Gallows' manager, Allegra Wolf, told PEOPLE the unfortunate driver of the police wagon had stopped by the restaurant to pick up some burgers, but ended up stuck. "We were super busy, and Elsa and some of her friends came in and were dancing around having cocktails," Wolf said. "Elsa was the first one to run and prance out and help. It was amazing. He started pushing with all his might, and finally got the car unstuck."

Triplett told PEOPLE that he doesn't expect his fame will last long, but if he he can, he wants to make good use of it by making the acquaintance of a true ice prince.

"Everyone will be over it by noon," he said. "But if this is my 15 minutes I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon." At press time it wasn't clear if Adam Rippon had acknowledged the request. Fingers crossed!

While Triplett's selflessness is certainly warming hearts on social media, the people of Boston are still stuck with more than a foot of snow thanks to the third nor'easter in recent weeks. According to ABC News, more than 230,000 people in Massachusetts are currently without power, and the wind that gave Triplett his dramatic cape effects isn't helping matters: It's blowing snow around at nearly 80 miles per hour in locations across the state.

ABC also reported that "thundersnow," aka when a thunderstorm and a snowstorm occur simultaneously, was experienced in Plymouth, so it sounds like Elsa may have recruited a certain other cape-wearing weather-wielder.

One thing's for certain: The cold never bothered him anyway.