7 Most Underrated Beauty Products Of 2016

2016 may have been rough. OK, 2016 was rough, definitely rough, but that's why it's important to count our blessings, right? What's better than the blessing of beauty products? These seven underrated beauty products from 2016 are a few of the things we should all look to as proof that the year wasn't quite the dumpster fire we all feel like it was. From hair products to makeup, there were some beauty items that flew under the radar this year that deserve some serious credit.

This year has, without a doubt, been a major one when it comes to beauty. From the proliferation of glow and eyeshadow palettes to the increasing number of liquid lipsticks on the market, some trends spawned incredible new products, but it wasn't all matte lips and highlighted cheeks.

Some major brands had releases that just didn't get the recognition they deserved — at least in my opinion. However, with brands launching product after product in 2016, it's no wonder that some items got overlooked. For example, drugstore beauty brands released stellar products that may have gotten skimmed over due to higher-end product launches.

Make it your 2017 to stock up on some of the best of 2016. Kicking of the year with some seriously stellar new products? This is a no brainer.

1. BeautyBlender Micro Mini Correct Four

BeautyBlender Micro Mini Correct Four, $24, All Beauty

Color correcting was all the rage during 2016. These four adorable sponges from BeautyBlender help you do it the right way.

2. Ouai Treatment Masque

Ouai Treatment Masque, $32, Sephora

Ouai, as a brand, had a huge year in 2016. These treatment masques, however, seemed to get left behind a bit. With eight treatments for $32, it's also a great deal.

3. Kathleen Lights x Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette

Kathleen Lights x Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette, $39, Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek as a whole deserves so much more attention, but this highlight palette was so gorgeous that it deserved a shoutout. With other kits like Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Glow face palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits debuting, this palette may have gotten a bit overlooked.

4. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, $14, NYX

This relatively new release is seriously major. With an innovative formula, low price, and 24 shades, it deserves so much attention.

5. ColourPop Highlight in Flexitarian

ColourPop Pearlized Highlighter in Flexitarian, $6, ColourPop

While all of ColourPop's highlighters are bomb, things in 2016 seemed to be all about Hello Kitty x ColourPop. However, when the brand released new highlighters Flexitarian emerged, and it's glow power is unrivaled.

6. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid, $8, Maybelline

These matte liquid lipsticks have been a bit controversial, but if you prefer a less permanent formula or a less truly matte look, they're wonderful.

7. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, $29, Sephora

Want to remove your makeup with ease? This balm is going to be your dream come true. Micellar water may have been all the rage in 2016, but you shouldn't discount a balm remover.

Start 2017 off with some products you may have missed in 2016. From hair care to skin care, there's definitely something you haven't tried.

Images: Courtesy of brands