7 Natural Hair Apps To Track Your Journey To Amazing Curls

Making the transition from relaxed to natural tresses is such an empowering experience, instilling self-acceptance and a woman of color's sense of pride. It's always a good idea to document your progress, and with mobile apps to track your natural hair journey, it's easier than ever to record experiences on the go.

Of course, going natural isn't always sunshine and roses. It can be difficult to find products that actually work for your texture and ways to style curly new growth with chemically treated locks. These hair woes, along with figuring out how to cope with your major change, can be enough to make any woman consider abandoning the journey. But the beauty of the natural hair movement is that you're never alone.

Uniting naturalistas across the globe, natural hair apps open the door for kinky-curly girls to share advice, photos, and more. A newbie can learn the do's and don'ts of natural hair straight from naturalistas with firsthand experience. Curly hairspiration to influence your mane is easily accessible. Even getting the encouragement you need to keep going from fellow curly girls is possible with the forums apps make available.

For vets full of pro tips and rookies in need of recommendations, these seven hair apps are must-haves that ensure you get the most out of your journey.


Hair Journal

Designed for setting personal hair goals and tracking growth, the Hair Journal app allows you to make diary entries using personal photos and product tags of your favorite haircare. There is even a "videos" portal that gives access to YouTube tutorials with need-to-know advice.


Hair Decoded

The Hair Decoded app is all about uploading and admiring the fiercest styles. No matter the hair type or style, you can discover a new 'do, making comments and sharing product information along the way. Definitely create your own hair routine within the app or track other users' regimens. Just be sure to subscribe first in order to access this hair journey gem.


Myavana Hair Journey

Brought to you by the monthly membership service that offers personalized hair analyses and advice, Myavana's mobile platform is one of the most knowledge-filled apps a curly Q could download. The Myavana Hair Journey gives members access to hairstyle galleries, product advice, and tips via direct communication with the Myavana team of haircare professionals. It's basically a sit-down with a pro right at your fingertips.


Hairbook Hair Journey

The Hairbook Hair Journey app will make you look forward to tracking progress. You can not only upload photos of your hair and record your regimen, but also visualize your growth on an animated timeline. There is even an open forum for chatting with fellow curlfriends and links to websites offering natural hair content. Currently, the app is only available for Andriods, so fingers crossed that it expands to iOS soon.



An iOS only app, Hazellocks comes complete with a progress tracker, style gallery, and favorite products saver. If you've been eyeing new styles and products to try, the shopping list feature and tutorials explorer will surely come in handy. Even create and follow hair regimens uploaded by yourself and other users.



Hailed as the Instagram of Natural Hair, the Tress app is a naturaliastas happy place. Don't just bookmark your favorite styles; Actually get detailed information about the looks you admire, like the specific products used, the name of the salon where it was created, and the price range. This online and supportive community allows users to share their favorite styles, get compliments on their best hair days, and spill haircare secrets. It's seriously a mecca for trendsetting fros, twists, and updos.


For You By You

Available for iOS, For You By You will ensure your journey is filled with the best textured hair products. Browse "must-haves" and "popular products" lists to see what other naturalistas are loving, and even discover the closest locations to you for buying all that you see mentioned. If you're out and about on a haircare shopping spree, the app's barcode scanner lets you access reviews and testimonials of products you're considering purchasing. As if that isn't enough, the "Hairspiration" page features tips and tricks from natural hair gurus dishing out the best advice.


The natural hair journey is definitely a unique and personal experience for every woman. That doesn't mean you can't share the details of your experience or encourage others embarking on the same journey. With mobile apps keeping naturalistas sharing, discussing, and uplifting, the movement can only gain momentum.