7 Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks For 2018 You Can Buy In Grocery Store

Courtesy of Brands

During the holiday season, you're told over and over to eat, drink, and be merry. Eating, logically, tends to take the main focus of the three, and there are entire songs about being merry. But drinking is just as emphasized as any other part of the season — namely, drinking alcohol. While it can be difficult to find non-alcoholic options that still feel celebratory and festive, this year there are a slew of options available to you — in particular, these non-alcoholic holiday drinks for 2018 that you can buy in grocery stores.

There are all kinds of reasons people decide not to drink, be it for health or personal preference or recovery. Personally, I decided to stop drinking alcohol earlier this year. Because of college and another role in the restaurant industry, I started drinking more frequently than I was comfortable with. I didn't like the way it made me felt, and I didn't like how much money I was spending on the habit. So, I woke up one morning in February and thought, "I never want to do that again." So, I haven't.

Like many families, alcohol in moderation is the norm during holiday celebrations in mine. So I've been slightly concerned about standing out during Thanksgiving dinner. The solution, it would appear, may lie in a bottle — a bottle of booze-free holiday sips, that is. These seven are every bit as Instagrammable and festive as the real thing, and also have the added perk of tasting delicious. Here are a few to add to your grocery cart this year.

1. Welch's Sparking Red Grape Juice

Welch's new line of holiday juices bears a striking resemblance to its boozier dinner table staple. The sparkling red grape juice comes in a bright red frosted bottle with the word "pop" etched onto the side. The contents are made with 100 percent red grape juice. It is available at Target.

2. Holiday Seltzer

Polar Seltzer

Seltzer heads fall into one of two categories: those who swear by LaCroix, and those who swear by Polar. While LaCroix may have the dreamy Instagrammer market on lock, Polar offers bigger bottles of the stuff, and now has a limited edition lineup of holiday flavors, including Ginger Lime Mule, Cranberry Cider, Hibiscus Cloudberry, Blackberry Clementine, and Vanilla Zen — the perfect refreshing dinner pairings.

3. Welch's Sparking Red Grape Juice

The second addition to Welch's lineup is a golden bottle of sparkling white grape juice with the word "Clink" etched onto the side. On New Year's Eve when you're doing a champagne toast, swap champagne for this stuff and you can still snap an Instagram-worthy photo. Who says champagne flutes are only for champagne? This one is also available at Target.

4. Reed's Extra Ginger Brew


Beer drinkers at the table probably want something a little stronger with a touch of bubble and spice. Extra ginger brew, not to be confused with ginger ale, offers just that. It is available to Target.

5. Welch's Sparking Rosé Grape Juice Cocktail


The pièce de résistance to Welch's new lineup is this millennial pink bottle of rosé sparking grape juice cocktail. Its flavor is reminiscent of rosé wine but eschews the alcohol, so the bitterness is gone. Plus, the bottle is cute and has the word "cheer" etched onto it. What's not to love? Find this bottle at Target.

6. R.W. Knudsen Family Crisp Apple Cider

R.W Knudsen and Family

Apple cider is a season favorite, but there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If you're looking for one that perfectly walks the line between tart and sweet, and doesn't have an artificial taste, opt for this one. The Washington Post agrees.

7. Holiday Kombucha

Health Ade Kombucha

While there is some naturally-occurring alcohol in kombucha, the amount if insignificant. And if you're looking for something super festive to celebrate, Kombucha company Health Ade release its Holiday Cheers flavor once a year. Per the website, it combines "...notes of ginger, allspice, chocolate, and so much more" in this probiotic tea drink.