7 Ways This Month’s New Moon Will Help You Be Open To New Possibilities

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If life feels kind of... familiar on Oct. 8, there's a good reason for that: That evening's new moon is set to be accompanied by a strong feeling of déjà vu. This, along with other October new moon spiritual meanings, should offer you an opportunity to build on what you know in order to manifest what you need. "There is a sense that we have all been here once before. There is a sense that we need to go back to something, to look over something, or to make the foundation we have been walking on stronger," Forever Conscious noted on their Intuitive Astrology blog. What's more, the first new moon of fall is an ideal time to open your mind and heart to new possibilities.

"This new moon foretells of wealth, honor, and success," Spiritual Advisor Cherokee Billie noted on their blog. "So be prepared for positive things coming your way. This is an excellent time to visualize positive changes in your life." If Venus retrograde 2018 has you feeling uneasy, use the October 2018 new moon as a 24-hour reprieve from any internal discomfort. Focus on what you really want, which in turn will also make this Venus backspin a little easier to bear.

All new moons represent fresh starts, so harness the spiritual powers of the October new moon, and take advantage of this opportunity to enter the fall season focused on abundance rather than lack.


The Land Of Death

While a phrase like "the land of death" might sound scary, it's actually nothing to be afraid of. The land of death during the October 2018 new moon signals the earth readying itself for the winter solstice by beginning its cycle of hibernation. For humans, it's about releasing dark and twisty energy in order to make room for love and light. "Our western culture has made death something to be feared, and so we do not welcome it in any form. But native peoples remember that death is only the other face of life," Billie explained. "At this new moon, let go of the emotions that hold us in death ... It’s only when we fear death that we don’t believe in some [unimaginable] beauty and the possibility of new life."


Letting Go Of What Haunts You

In this case, think of being haunted as a metaphor rather than being haunted by ghosts in the literal sense. According to Darkstar Astrology, the October new moon is all about letting go of what haunts you. Black tourmaline, which has been used for centuries by healers and shamans, is a good crystal to use during the new moon to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit of any lingering bajiggity energy that's haunting your psyche.


Initiation And New Beginnings

According to Billie, the October new moon is a time to plant seeds for the future. This means that it's important to be mindful of your thoughts and intentions on Oct. 8 because whatever is on your mind is what you'll create. "Making a wish, an intention, a promise, or a vow is a common custom. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention or goal will too usually by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns full circle to new again."



It's human nature to focus on what you lack versus what you have, and this is usually a one-way ticket to unhappiness. It doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for more, but wanting more doesn't have to be synonymous with not appreciating what you have. During the October 2018 new moon, "look around but don’t judge. Don’t even wish for things to be better," Forever Conscious advised. "Just look around and observe that this is where you are right now, and it is perfect, and special, and your greatest teacher."


Asking For Help

Humans are social beings, and you'll always get further with a little help from your friends than you will if you go it alone. According to the Power Path, the October 2018 new moon is here to remind you that it's OK to ask for help. "As you take inventory of your life at this time, ask yourself where you could use more support and help. Set some intentions to receive the support you need from the allies and the helpers that can give it."



The October 2018 new moon is an ideal opportunity to heal any spiritual wounds that have been preventing you from being your truest self. "Feelings and relationships are at the core of this month’s spectrum of energies," Healer Donatella Moltisanti wrote on Sivana East. "This is opening for you the opportunity to heal deep wounds within yourself related to important people in your life."


Personal Transformation

Overall, the October 2018 new moon in Libra is about personal transformation. Spend some time in quiet contemplation, identify what's holding you back, and set pure intentions for what best serves your soul going forward.