7 Quizzes To Help You Figure Out What Type Of Person You're Compatible With

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Figuring out what you're looking for in a partner — and in a relationship — comes easier to some people than to others. Many of us will have an idea of our core values and beliefs as a person — things that are fundamentally a part of you — and those are definitely important to keep in mind when looking for a partner. "Core values are fundamental beliefs that help to guide and dictate a person's behavior as well as inspire someone to commit to a particular action that is in line with certain life goals and fulfillment," Katie Krimer, MA, LMSW, & Therapist, tells Bustle. "Core values as they pertain to a romantic relationship refer to those same fundamental beliefs that might make one feel safe, comfortable, inspired, passionate, and connected to their partner and within the relationship."

But even though your core values might be obvious, they're not the only things that you need to consider about potential partners. There's also personality, hobbies, quirks, likes, dislikes — and so much more. But the more you learn about yourself, the more you'll be able to know what you're actually looking for in a relationship — and in a partner. Taking some online quizzes can give you a bit of good guidance. Some of them are serious, some are more silly, but they can still give you a general idea of your expectations of a partner and of a relationship — and what you should keep an eye out for.

Here are seven online quizzes that can help you figure out what you actually want in a relationship — because that's the first step toward getting it.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test
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First and foremost, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is a great go-to test to learn about yourself — and about who or what you might be looking for. If you haven't done it before, it asks you a series of questions about how you see and feel in the world and how you perceive things. The test breaks you down into one of 16 personality types. Once you know your type, there's so much information out there about which Myers-Briggs types are right for you and who you might be compatible with.

What Do You Look For In Relationships?
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Relationships look different and mean different things to different people — this personality quiz gets to the bottom of that. Personality Assessor has come up with a quiz that helps you discover what you really look for in your relationships — expectations, needs, and wants from a partner. It will give you a stronger idea of what you're looking for — and what your deal-breakers are.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Like?
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There is endless information about zodiac signs and compatibility out there — but it only makes sense to you if you actually identify with your sign. The What Zodiac Signs Are You Like? test lets you know if your real personality lines up with your zodiac sign. If not, no worries — you can find the zodiac sign that feels right for you and access all of the dating advice out there for that sign.

What Type Of Dating Personality Do You Have?
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This short, easy test will give you an idea of what kind of dater you are, which can help you work out exactly the type of person you should be looking for. By asking What Type Of Dating Personality Do You Have? , it makes you look at aspects of your dating life you maybe haven't considered. Everyone has a different approach to dating, so understanding yours will put you in a much better position to find someone who you're compatible with.

What Personality Type Is Your Love Match?
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This test from Truity asks What Personality Type Is Your Love Match? It relies on a series of questions where you describe who you think your perfect match is — and then they let you know what personality type you should be looking for. Now, not everyone fits into easy guidelines like types, but it's a good general outline of who might be the right fit.

The Five Love Languages
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You may have heard people talking about love languages, but if you haven't learned yours yet then it might be time. The theory behind Dr. Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages is that there are five different ways that different people show and feel love. These are words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, and engaging in physical touch. If you know which of these matter to you, you'll know what to look for that in a potential partner. Now, you don't have to have the same love language as the person you're dating, but it helps. And, even if you don't end up having the same love language as someone, knowing what yours is will make you better placed to explain your needs and expectations in a relationship.

EN Personality
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The millennial mentorship website ENTITY came up with the EN personality quiz. Building off of the work of the Myers-Briggs tests and research of Carl Jung, they tailored these ideas into a personality quiz designed for millennial women. Learn more about yourself, your priorities, and what you're looking for in a partner — and in life.

Knowing what to look for in a relationship or what kind of partners to go for can be tough, but taking some time to learn more about yourself can make a big difference. Take a few quizzes, do some self-discovery, and keep all of that in mind the next time you're swiping left and right.