7 Beauty Vloggers To Watch If You Have Pale Skin

In the world of YouTube beauty, there are a lot of gurus that you can turn to for advice. If you want a killer highlight recommendation, there's Jeffree Star. If you're looking for contouring advice, there's Jaclyn Hill. But if you're fair-skinned and looking for pale beauty bloggers and feel like you're at a loss, don't fret. Here are seven vloggers to watch if you're always picking up the lightest shade of foundation or adding a whitener to your formulas. Whether you're looking for contouring advice or product recommendations, these fair gurus know what's up, and they're imparting their knowledge to their subscribers.

Trends like contouring and highlighting are still so popular, it often seems like fair-skinned makeup lovers are often at a loss for products to use. Golden highlighters are often too bronze for their skin, and cult classic contouring products like Benefit's Hoola Bronzer may be too dark. That's where pale beauty vloggers come in. While many vloggers either have naturally deeper skin or choose to self tan, these seven YouTubers either have pale skin for most of the year or are perennially fair.

Whether you're looking for the best foundation options for fair skin, how to best apply contour, or what blush shades work best, these vloggers have you covered. Who should you check out for tips on makeup for pale skin?

1. NikkieTutorials

Nikkie has been a go-to vlogger for fair skinned makeup junkies for some time, and wth her dramatically gorgeous looks, sense of humor, and knowledge, she's definitely someone to watch.

2. Bailey Van Der Veen

If your skin is both dry and fair, Bailey Van Der Veen's advice should definitely be heeded. Plus, her makeup looks are incredible.

3. Em Ford

You probably already know Em Ford — My Pale Skin on YouTube — for her viral video "You Look Disgusting." The emotional video was incredible, but Ford also has serious makeup knowledge alongside that big heart of hers.

4. Laura Leth

Laura Leth's makeup skills are undeniable, and not only does she have incredible tutorials for people of any skin tone, but she's also great at giving product recommendations for fair skin.

5. ThaTaylaa

If you want the down low on foundations, Taylor's 15 Days of Foundation videos are for you. She also rocks pale skin all the time and is basically a fountain of knowledge when it comes to makeup for fair ladies.

6. Lauren Curtis

Curtis' bubbly personality make her videos insanely watchable. For those with fair skin, she's got some seriously incredible tutorials.

7. The Makeup Chair

Sinead Cady's tutorials fluctuate between her self tan and fair skin, but she makes sure that her fair skin subscribers get attention as well.

If you've been looking for the best vlogger for fair skin, these seven are a great place to start. Just remember that YouTube is a big world, and there are tons of other great vloggers to be found.