Hot Topic Has An Entire 'Friends' Line & You'll Want Every Piece

by Megan Grant
Hot Topic

Are you a fan of Friends? What a silly question. Of course you are. Just in time for you to find every and any way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series that still remains iconic today, there are seven pieces of Friends merchandise you can get at Hot Topic online, and live your best, most lobster-y life.

Why wouldn't you want to own more stuff that reminds you of Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and the whole gang? They were all each other's best friends, and they always made us feel like we were part of the family too. It's almost like we were right there with them, sitting on the couch at Central Perk.

Friends is still popular today — as evidenced by the Central Perk popup opening in New York, among other 25th anniversary celebrations — and it never fails to make viewers laugh until they pee. Each character is relatable in their own way, from Rachel's money problems to Joey's absolute refusal to ever share his food. (You can't blame him.)

Hot Topic knows that we're still completely in love with the show, because they have an entire line dedicated to the popular sitcom. If you want to level up your Friends merch and give your life a '90s vibe, check out these seven things you can get from Hot Topic. I have just one more thing to say to you:

Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!!!!!


Yellow Picture Frame

The apartment wouldn't be complete without the iconic yellow frame around the peephole of their front door. This replica has an easel stand on the back and a hook so that you can put it on a table, wall, or door. It's made of resin and glass, and the dimensions are 7 ½" x 10". Perfection.


Travel Mug

Put your coffee, tea, or any other drink in this Friends travel mug, and you'll be sipping in style.

The quotes from the show printed on the mug will take you back to some of Friend's funniest moments. It can hold 15 ounces of liquid, and the mug and lid are made of plastic material.

Read the quotes and admire the drawings as you're riding the subway or sitting on the can, and give yourself a good giggle.


Central Perk Lunch Sack

What's the best part of the workday? Lunch, obvi.

Especially on those days when you're in a gloomy mood, you need something that will help perk you up a little. Bring your lunch packed in this Friends lunch sack, and your job will suck just a little bit less (even though no one told you life was gonna be this way).

The design of the lunch sack is a faux paper bag with green stripes on the front, printed with the Central Perk logo. In the hook and loop closure, there is enough space for your goodies so that you have something to munch on to beat hunger pangs.


Central Perk Journal

Write down your thoughts in your new ­Friends journal with a Central Perk logo on the cover. The lined pages inside feature a cup of coffee illustration on the backside corner. The ribbon bookmark helps you keep track of where you left off, and the elastic strap will keep your private thoughts securely closed.


Turkey Magnet

Did you know that wearing a turkey on your head is another way of showing you're sorry? You can Google it.

Remember the episode when Monica wore a turkey on her head and did a little shimmy? This magnet will take you back to that unforgettable moment. To make it look exactly like the one on the show, the cool sunglasses are even there.


Names Pillow Cover

If you're planning to have a Friends marathon this weekend (what else would you be doing with your free time?), this black and white pillowcase is what you need to feel comfortable.

It's printed on the front with the names of the whole crew, with piped edges, a plush back, and zipper.


Water Bottle

The Friends crew would want you to stay hydrated, and now you can do so the way we were always meant to: with a themed water bottle. This one features a carry handle, flip top, and a straw on the inside.

Take it with you to work and the gym. Everybody will be so jealous.