7 Fun Places To Take Your Dog Before The End Of The Summer

by Lia Beck
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When the weather's nice people generally want to do more outdoor activities, but that's not always easy if you have a dog who needs to be taken outside every few hours. Dog owners can go out nearby or rush home to let their puppy go pee, but another options is to bring the dog along. Dogs aren't allowed everywhere — and for good reason — but there are some places you should take your dog this summer, if you love your pet, but also don't want to just sit around playing fetch in your house all day.

Most of the options below are great for bringing your dog along, because they have something for you to do and something for your dog to do. And the something for you to do isn't just "watch your dog". (Well, at least not for all of the options.)

No matter what you choose, though, be sure you're prepared. Taking a dog on an outing in the summer means you'll need to have water and something for your pup to drink from. There are also products like cooling bandanas that can help your dog not get too warm. Of course, the best thing to do is not keep your dog outside for too long if it's hot, so if it's a particularly hot summer day, you should probably avoid the following activities altogether.

If everyone is ready and able to stay cool, here are seven places to try out.

The Park

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Going to a park is fun for dogs and humans alike. You get to sit outside and get some sun, and the dog gets to experience a whole bunch of grass at once — so exciting! Plus, once the dog is tired of running around, they can chill with you while you have a picnic. You know, if the dog ever gets tired of running around.

A Dog Run

It's important for dogs to socialize with one another, and one of the easiest places for them to do that is at a dog run. While your dog is making friends, you get to socialize with other dog owners, which is either an added bonus or a sacrifice you're willing to make for your pet.

A Pet Store

Many pet stores, like Petco and Petsmart, allow dogs to come inside and shop, too. Taking your dog to one would be a chance to buy them a little present, like a toy or a treat, and there's air conditioning.

The Beach

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In case you didn't know, not all beaches allow dogs. So, if you want to take your dog to the beach be sure to look up ones that do allow dogs first to avoid a fine or just getting kicked off of the beach. And once at the beach, be careful that your dog stays hydrated and doesn't get to hot. You should do this anywhere you go, of course, but a large stretch of sand with no trees tends to be especially hot.

A Bar Or Restaurant That Allows Dogs

Some bars and restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs to come along for a drink or meal. Just be sure that they do specifically allow this. Do not just assume that because a bar or restaurant has an outdoor section that your dog can be there.

A Bar Or Restaurant For Dogs

There are some bars and restaurants that cater specifically to dogs. For example, Shake Shack has a dog menu and allows dogs on the patios at locations that have them. There are also businesses like The Dog Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina and the upcoming Boozehounds in Orlando, Florida, which are bars established with dogs in mind.

A Swimming Pool

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You can't take your dog to just any swimming pool, but there are some pools out there that allow dogs. For instance, the website Boogie the Pug has a list of pools and water parks in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey that either welcome dogs or have dog events on certain days.

Now you just have to pack up all the stuff your dog needs and forces you to carry for him, and you're all set.