7 Podcasts All Aquarius Zodiac Signs Will Love

Aquarians like listening to podcasts that have a bigger picture.

Something important to know about Aquarius zodiac signs (aka those born Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): while the name might conjure images of waves and wishy washy feelings, this is an air sign, represented by water because that's what they bear, not what they're made of. This common misconception of the sign leads to a lot of misunderstandings of Aquarians, so the music, books, TV shows, and podcasts that Aquarius are drawn to are not dreamy, they're profound. This sign is a humanitarian at its core, it's driven by the intrinsic desire to help people, to make the world a more functional place, so the kinds of entertainment that they're willing to lend their attention to will be important, sensible, socially-responsible material that inspires and drives them.

If you see an Aquarius with their headphones in on their morning commute, they might look like they're grooving to easy listening, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust , they're often misjudged as "aloof", but in reality, they're more likely listening to an interview with Greta Thunberg or Michelle Obama's book on tape. This studious, serious sign can more than handle life's most uncomfortable or depressing truths, they're hungry for it and they have a good poker face.

Below is a collection of podcasts worth of Aquarius' attention span because they feature important speakers, address crucial issues, and don't sugar coat anything, because Aquarians don't need it. These podcasts will enlighten Aquarians, strengthen their own convictions, and inspire them to take action in the own ways.

1. What It Takes

The What it Takes podcast features revealing and enlightening conversations with some of the world's most interesting people. From playwrights to athletes to inventors, incredible minds open up about their private lives and their public work in a surprising and inspiring way.

Listen to the What it Takes podcast here.

2. Hilarious Humanitarians Podcast

Hosts Deanna Silverman, LCSW, and Erin Prewitt, Intuitive Life Coach, discuss topics ranging from relationships, to body image, to mental health fully, and with unfiltered complexity. The podcast is a balanced mix of hard facts and thoughtful opinions that give listeners a lot to think about after the episode is over.

Listen to the Hilarious Humanitarian Podcast here.

3. Living Downstream

From forest fires to water wars, host Steve Mencher dives deep into environmental justice issues with some of the most impressive environmental reporters in the world. This podcast is like a college course in applied environmental studies — it will blow your mind, terrify you and change the way you feel about your relationship with the planet.

Listen to Living Downstream here.

4. Radiolab

Radiolab covers it all — if it's trending, if it's a secret. This incredible podcast delves into everything from the psychology of heroism to the right way to make a Facebook post. The content that appears on this show is without limit, making it always surprising, always fascinating and always thought provoking. For Aquarians who have an insatiable thirst for information, this show will keep you learning and inspired.

Listen to Radiolab here.

5. Costing The Earth

For Aquarians who want to check in with Planet Earth and who can handle the reality of the destruction that we create, Costing the Earth offers a blunt look at the state of things. Always mind-blowing, always profound, this podcast doesn't hold back.

Listen to Costing the Earth here.

6. The Moth

The Moth is a storytelling podcast that features fresh narratives that shape the speaker's life and informs the listener's life, too. Every episode has an incredible arch and Aquarians will love the reliable format of this show and all of the diverse topics it covers.

Listen to The Moth podcast here.

7. This American Life

This American Life is 600 episodes deep — it's been on the air since 1995 and is one of the most well-oiled radio shows there is. Each week, host Ira Glass presents a theme and shares a mix of journalism and storytelling to max out our understanding of that theme. Aquarians will appreciate the combination of hard facts and relatable narratives.

Listen to the This American Life podcast here.

While these podcasts are geared towards the interests and inspirational prompts of Aquarians, all signs will appreciate the incredible information and work these podcasts cover.