7 Reasons '80s Babies Are Salty About The '90s Renaissance

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There's no denying the '90s have returned with a vengeance, with everything from the fashion trends to the music scene being appropriated daily to appeal to Millennials and feed '90s kids' nostalgia. But as popular as this uptick in '90s-era sampling is, not everyone is totally stoked about it — some '80s babies aren't in love with the '90s renaissance, for example, and they're not trying to hide it either. Why would anyone begrudge the world its obsession with all things to come out of the '90s? Well, let's put it all out on the table.

The irony of this salty situation, of course, is that many '80s babies are in fact considered '90s kids. Like myself, for example — I was born in the first half of the '80s and really came of age in the '90s. I'm both '80s baby and '90s kid, and most days that's not a big deal. Some days, though, my feelings fall more one way or the other, and that seems to mean a lot in this nostalgic day and age. I mean, let's be real: it's hard to escape the parts of your past you don't like when those years are used as fodder for viral fads.

Here's why, along with a few other reasons '80s babies are salty about the '90s renaissance.

1. The '90s Often Get Credit For Things That Are Actually From The '80s


Sure, it's only natural the lines between the '80s and '90s gets blurred a bit — they were sandwiched together, after all. But, c'mon, there are many things that were hallmarks of the '80s that the '90s now get all the credit for. Slap bracelets? Introduced in the '80s. Bubble Tape? Introduced in the '80s. Eco-Cooler? INTRODUCED IN THE '80s.

2. The '90s Are Impossible to Avoid Now


You can't swing a stick without hitting '90s nostalgia, which is all good and well on the days you dig it. But if you're an '80s baby who is sick of seeing stuff from the '80s repackaged as '90s kitsch, you're basically out of luck. There's no way to escape the latter decade these days.

3. Not All '90s Kids Loved the '90s


This brings us to our next point, which is that not all '80s babies-turned-'90s kids even loved the '90s. Some thought the '90s sucked. Some think the early '00s were way more fun. Since '80s babies largely created the trends that were so popular in the '90s, perhaps someone should put together a giant '80s babies think tank to consult before deciding which parts of the decade to glorify.

4. The '80s Did Some Things Better


I concretely identify as both an '80s baby and a '90s kid, so I can be forthcoming about the fact that the '80s simply did some things better. Case in point? People love to talk about the cartoons of the '90s and how they deserve a comeback. Psshh — if any cartoons deserve a comeback, it's the cartoons of the '80s (Thundercats, hoooooooooooooo!).

5. The Renaissance Is Blinded By Nostalgia


The thing about this grand revival of all things '90s going on is that it essentially pretends like the '90s was perfection. And don't get me wrong, many things about that decade were. But there was also a metric ton of sad, tragic, and scandalous stuff too. '80s babies remember it all, and we feel like it's important not to sweep those things under the rug.

6. It Encourages Nonsensical Exclusivity


Since the '90s renaissance began, it has exalted all things '90s — including '90s kids. But somehow, over time, this has led some people to concur that kids born in the '90s are nostalgic treasures in and of themselves. Does it matter that '90s babies probably don't remember much of the '90s? Not to the cult of renaissance. Poor '80s babies didn't get invited to the party, even though they were the ones who started it.

7. It Isn't the First Nostalgic "Renaissance"


Real talk: There has already been an '80s renaissance. Remember a few years back when people started buying legwarmers again? Fads are cyclical! It's silly to pretend as though the '90s are the first decade to be praised for its originality, fun, and carefree spirit... that's the '80s jam.