'Real Housewives' Stars Are More Than Who We See On TV

Annette Brown/Bravo

Real Housewives has become a pop culture phenomenon extending beyond the shows themselves. The fandom is dedicated to viewing the episodes, blogging about them, live tweeting, and discussing the show in any way possible. With that kind of devotion comes some pretty strong opinions and favoritism when it comes to the shows' stars. Still, it's important to keep in mind that the Real Housewives stars are so much more than the "characters" we see on TV.

I know that Real Housewives is a reality TV show, but we do not get to see it all when it comes to any person or story line. These shows are only one hour, are about an ensemble cast, and only film during part of the year, so there are so many essential things about these people that either end up on the cutting room floor or are never recorded at all.

I get it, it's much easier to show specific scenes that play into the archetypes that we see on television, but the Real Housewives cast members are people too. There is much more to them than a few scenes a week and the hilarious quotes that lead to memes and GIFs.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when we think about the Real Housewives cast members.

1. They Are Moms

For the most part, these shows focus on the social antics between the ladies who were actually cast. Still, a lot of them are mothers and a big part of their lives are their kids. This just doesn't make the show a lot of the time.

2. They Are Businesswomen

There is a lot more to these ladies than arguing at dinner parties. They use this reality TV franchise as a platform to launch and promote themselves and their growing empires.

3. They Are Charitable

It's interesting to watch the ladies dressing up for themed events, sampling new cosmetic enhancements, and shopping up a storm, but a lot of them use their wealth to help others. Sure, that doesn't add drama to a TV show, but a lot of the Housewives are heavily involved with their favorite causes. For instance, Teresa Giudice often posts on social media to raise awareness and funds to help people with medical struggles. Kandi Burruss has her own organization called Kandi Cares, which focuses on helping single parents and their kids.

4. They Interact Between Seasons

If you ever wonder why two Housewives hate each other and are looking for some receipts, there's a good chance you won't get them. That's because the drama doesn't stop when the cameras aren't rolling. These women get into it while the seasons air and in between seasons. There is so much missing from the story lines, and while we might hear them talk about these issues, that doesn't mean we'll see them.

5. They Have Lives Before & Outside The Show

Just like any other human beings, the Housewives are the people they are today because of their pasts. There are a lot of life experiences that account for their personality quirks, but (unfortunately?) Real Housewives did not start filming these ladies from childhood.

6. They Are Experienced Reality Stars

These women know what their doing, especially when they've been on for a few seasons. This means they are able to craft the image that they want to come across if they choose to. They know exactly what to say and do to come off in a certain way and get attention.

7. They Are Edited

We all know this. There are countless hours of footage that get edited down into one-hour episodes. We do not get to see everything that happens, and we usually just see things that work best with specified story lines.

No one is being forced to say or do anything on Real Housewives, but the scenes that we get to watch are not fully indicative of who these women are by any means. There is a lot more happening and that's always a good thing to keep in mind.