7 Sarongs For Summer 2019 That Are So Cute You'll Not Want To Go Swimming

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I know what you're thinking — "aren't sarongs a thing of the past?" — and to be honest, you can be forgiven for thinking that. But I'm here to tell you that they are back (if they ever really left) and they are going to seriously up your summer wardrobe game. So whether it be Brighton Pier or St Tropez, sarongs are the essential cover up in the warm weather. People have a preconceived notion of sarongs — think the outdated versions that your mother or father possibly made you wear on holiday — but here are some sarongs for summer 2019 that are actually cute. Thank me later.

Sarongs can be a pretty divisive item of clothing. I mean, who can forget when David Beckham wore a sarong over trousers at the 1998 World Cup in France? It still gives me shivers thinking about it. But maybe Beckham was onto something after all. Think of them as an underrated hero. The Kardashians have been long time fans of sarongs, with Kim even rocking one on a recent trip to Costa Rica which could account for why they're all over our radar yet again.

Since the UK is experiencing a heatwave, sarongs could well be the perfect summer accessory for when you're on British shores. But sarongs aren't strictly for beach and poolside weather, British Vogue reports that they are also in favour of the "city sarong" which they consider to be the "uptown update" to be worn with any outfit at all. Keep reading for our pick of the best options out there.