7 Science-Backed Strategies For Winning Almost Any Dispute

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Whenever you're dealing with other people, conflict is inevitable. The reality is, you can't win or be right every single time. But there are some science-backed strategies you can try to win almost any dispute you're in.

Wanting to be right all the time is pretty much human nature. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go off and start winning every argument you're in. As Nance L. Schick, attorney and mediator, tells Bustle, your focus should never be about dominating others. There's nothing wrong with winning, but any strategies you use shouldn't "demonize" the other party. It should never be about making someone else feel bad. "Not only is this unfair to the other person, who is just as human and fallible as you are, but it can also set you up for a lot of disappointment and self-punishment if you don’t 'win,' within some arbitrary definition of winning," she says.

You're going to have arguments with all kinds of different people throughout your life. But there are right ways to win and resolve disputes, and there are wrong ways. Fortunately, researchers have found some strategies you can use in order to win almost any argument you're in. So here are some of those science-backed strategies.