7 Seemingly Innocent Things You Should Never Say To A Toxic Mom

If you've ever felt like there are certain things you can't say to your toxic mom because it always results in an argument, you're definitely not alone. When dealing with a toxic person, there's no telling what might kick off a disagreement, or how they might twist your words. But there do seem to be a few topics that cause more problems than others.

By keeping these topics in mind and avoiding them whenever possible, you might be able to have healthier conversations with your mom going forward. That's not to say you should walk on eggshells, however, or even that you have to continue speaking with her at all, if you think doing so creates too much stress in your life.

But by giving yourself more space, and glossing over certain areas, you may have more luck maintaining a relationship with her. "Keeping a healthy distance from a toxic mom includes implementing what I call Detached Contact," Shannon Thomas, a therapist specializing in psychological abuse, tells Bustle. "We achieve this by staying aware of exactly how our mom chronically hurts our feelings, giving her limited information about our life, and finding support in healthier people."

It can be a tough adjustment to make, but it's often worth it if you're tired of getting wrapped up in her toxicity. Here are a few things experts say you might not want to talk about with a toxic mom, in order to maintain your peace of mind.