7 Shakespeare-Inspired Lingerie Sets If You're In The Market For Something To Make Hamlet Blush

Public Domain/PopMap

Shakespeare famously said that "brevity is the soul of wit." Dorothy Parker amended that saying to "brevity is the soul of lingerie," and both, I think, are entirely correct. If you're a fan of the Bard, and all you want out of this life is to walk around the Earth in Shakespeare-themed lingerie, then I have good news for you: there is such a thing as Shakespeare themed-lingerie. And you can buy it for your very own underwear drawer. Here are a few beautiful, odd, and highly poetic lingerie sets (and other undergarments) based off of Shakespeare, for all of your intimate, thespian needs.

It's fitting that William Shakespeare has inspired a wide range of both sexy and funny (and even slightly tragic) lingerie out there in the world. After all, he is remembered for his comedy and his drama, for his romantic happy endings and his tragically star-crossed lovers. So whether you want a silly set of Shakespearean panties, a romantic lingerie set that'll make you feel like Juliet on her balcony, or even a historically accurate set of Elizabethan drawers, there's something out there just for you.

Here are a few options, if you're in the market for some underwear that could make Hamlet blush: