7 Signs Your Body Is Free Of Inflammation

Ashley Batz for Bustle

Inflammation is one of those words that can sound scary but be hard to pinpoint. So many good things in life, from delicious desserts to long Netflix marathons, are said to not be great in terms of inflammation, but if you're looking for some better news, you might be excited to learn about some signs that your body is free of inflammation. Experts say that anything from healthy gums to glowing skin can mean you don't need to worry about whether you are experiencing inflammation or not.

On some levels, inflammation isn't actually something to worry about, naturopathic doctor Kathi Head, ND tells Bustle. "Inflammation in your body is a normal reaction of your immune system to an imbalance, which can be caused by an injury, an invading organism, allergen, etc.," she says. "It’s all a matter of balance. You are never absolutely 'free' of inflammation. But when the inflammatory process gets out of control, you start to have symptoms."

While these signs can all help point to a body that's not dealing with inflammation, inflammation levels can also be measured through a blood test, Dr. Head says, so if you're truly concerned, be sure to schedule a meeting with your doctor.