7 Signs You’re An Old Soul With Many Past Lives

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You often hear about “old souls,” i.e., people who have lived many past lives. But how do you know if you are one? Unless you have a fantastic memory that extends even before the life you’re now living, you likely don’t know — but there are some signs you can look out for.

“I never use the term ‘old soul’ when I am referring to people who have lived many past lives before, because I don’t believe that age guarantees wisdom,” spiritual development life coach Michelle Brock, who conducts past life regressions, tells Bustle. “I prefer to use ‘evolved soul,’ and there are several qualities that these evolved souls seem to have in common.”

The decision to incarnate is based on a number of factors, including what we feel prepared for and who we want to incarnate with, says Brock. “What I have learned over the years working with people is that there is a bigger plan and design for our lives that involves a timing that we all choose based on what we specifically want to experience in a lifetime in order to challenge ourselves and grow,” she says. “There’s timing that we choose involving other people we want to reconnect with, or our soulmates. We can and do ‘hang out’ in the realm of spirit waiting for the right time to be reborn.”

Curious how many past lives you’ve lived? Here are some signs that you’ve got a lot under your belt.


You Live In A City

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Brock often wonders why she comes across so many people who were famous in their past lives. She thinks it’s because she operates in New York, where souls wouldn’t be prepared to go unless they’re very evolved.


You Enjoy Being Part Of A Diverse Group Of People


“Many people who have lived many past lives find diversity to be exciting and energizing, which might mean that they are drawn to urban centers that feature diverse populations,” says Brock. That’s another reason people with many past lives often live in cities.


You Were Wise Beyond Your Years As a Child

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“People who have lived many past lives seem to just ‘get’ lessons about love, compassion, and empathy,” says Brock. “This might mean that they are more intuitive, sensitive, or empathic and have the ability to connect with other people’s emotions and experiences on a deep level.” So, if you were telling people about the meaning of life as a little kid, you may have learned these lessons before you even got to Earth.


You Want To Make The World A Better Place

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Because people who have lived many past lives understand what life is about, they’re often committed to working toward the greater good. “They might be dedicated to causes involving pacifism, equality, and social justice,” says Brock.


You Feel Disconnected From Your Body

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“People who have lived many past lives often do not define themselves by their physical appearance, as they are unconsciously aware of having lived before in other bodies and forms,” says Brock. You may not care about how you look, and you may even feel almost as if your body isn’t really yours or has nothing to do with you.


You Believe We’re All Basically The Same

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Evolved souls understand that at the soul level, there is no gender or race. “They will often not view others by way of physical traits such as race or gender, but can innately see the ‘soul within’ others,” says Brock.


You Love Traveling


If you’re nomadic at heart or a world traveler, it may be because you understand that where you live now is not your only home. “I have noticed that many of these evolved souls are drawn to travel and connecting with other cultures, as they feel that they are ‘citizens of the world’ rather than being content to limit their experience to a smaller, less diverse community,” says Brock.

If you want to learn about your past lives, Brock offers an online course and private past life regressions where you can be hypnotized into remembering them. (And if you doubt whether past lives exist, these stories might change your mind.)