The 7 Stages Of Social Media Detox Prove The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is REAL

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If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, social media is the absolute worst, and just about one of the most addictive and low-key self destructive ways to procrastinate. So, maybe you want to take your power back, and if you do, these six stages of a social media detox are something you have got to be ready for. Brace yourselves y'all, for the social media free tundra.

As if day-to-day life isn't enough of a mine field regarding not feeling good enough, social media was created by Lucifer in order for you to see other people seemingly having a far better/more fun/filtered life than let's be honest — they actually are. Well guys, it's time to get your groove back on.

Delete those accounts. Just do it. Delete Facebook, delete Instagram, maybe you have a Tumblr? Or a MySpace kicking around? Babe, kick it all to the kerb and live your best life. But let's be real here, if you're drinking a bit too much booze or maybe eat a bit too much chocolate it's not like "oh hey, just stop" is it? Well, not unless you're someone with reservoirs of will power, and let me tell you — you will need to dig deep to cut this particular vice.


People Will Think You've Blocked Them Or Something's Wrong

People will automatically think that you have fully lost it. Seriously. When someone goes off social media it is like "OK y'all, she has gone over the edge".

Also, if someone searches you and you don't come up they might well think you've blocked or unfriended them. Just think of all the anxiety and worry that friend will have over the jokey comment they made on that photo of you in clogs. They will feel so bad about the clogs! Clog-gate!

Meh, imagine the lack of anxiety and worry you will gain as time goes on, minus constant communication and surveillance.


Initial Anxiety

Am I a hermit now? Do I have friends? Have I basically cut myself off from the world and society itself?

In a way, yes. But you have to remember that like, you have cut yourself off from looking at OTHER people's worlds. Instead you will be trying to live in your own, in the present.


Picking Your Phone Up Every 5 Minutes

Muscle memory. Muscle memory is 100 percent a thing and you will be spending the first while constantly picking up your phone to see if there is anything on there. Notifications. DMs. Has anyone slid into your DMs? Oh god.

Yes, this is an actual serious thing. Like, even when you have social media and have zero updates, it is a constant part of contemporary lives.


Falling Off The Wagon

One day your urges may get the better of you. Maybe you borrow your friend's phone to browse Instagram — no doubt to stalk someone who you got off social media to avoid — or maybe you'll go all lo-fi parent style, and have a look on your browser. Delete. Discard. Do Not Save. It's time to recommit. You can do this!


5. Increased Productivity

Think about all of that extra time you will have to actually get stuff done!

Instead of being chained to your phone the whole time, you will actually devote your time and mind to what matters.


More Boredom

How often do you have a moment to spare and have a little look at your phone? It is pretty standard behaviour and means that quite often, people do not allow themselves to be bored.

Research is increasingly proving that boredom is a very important part of creativity. A study undertaken by The University Of Central Lancashire found that it is an important part of the creative process. Allowing oneself to be bored opens up your mind and takes you on mental journeys you might not have even thought of going on before, so embrace it.



So after you have gone through the withdrawals, the stages, the physical aches, anxieties, and personal growth you will reach the final stage — smugness. What?! OK, OK, let's say acceptance but seriously, the smug feeling you will get from knowing that your life is better in so many ways will outshine everything else. Scouts honour.


Although dealing with all of the stages of a social media detox end up being very rewarding, the most important part, and most difficult part, is the first step — actually deleting the accounts. Once you have done that, I can assure you that what happens after will be entirely worth it.