7 Sustainable Stationery Products To Snap Up, Because Your Love Of Pens Needn't Harm The Planet

Conversations around waste and plastic pollution don't always go much further than single use plastic bags and water bottles. But frustratingly, there are so many aspects of day-to-day living that generate unnecessary waste, and office work-life happens to be a culprit. Stationery, for example, can contributes to the large amount of plastic and paper waste in the UK. Luckily there are sustainable stationery products out there being created to address this.

According to the Recycling Guide, 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. And the Financially Times reports that, "8.3bn tonnes of plastics have been produced since the industry began to expand after the second world war." That's a lot of waste. You might not realise it but your average ball point pen is disposable, the wood used in your pencils might not be sustainably-sourced, and all the office notebooks and printer paper could very well be made from bleached, unrecycled paper.

There are now loads of wonderful companies specifically creating inventive and fun sustainable products. And existing front-running stationary brands are also stepping up and becoming more eco-friendly with their products, so you no longer have to buy stationary that's creating unnecessary waste and pollutes the environment. Here are seven sustainable stationery products you can buy now.