7 Things That Happen If You Shave Your Face

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The internet went crazy earlier this year when women began to embrace shaving their faces. If you're still considering jumping on the bandwagon, but are curious about the effects of putting a razor to your mug, I've got you covered. Here are all the things that happen when you shave your face. While you personally might not experience all seven, it never hurts to be prepared!

Though the concept of women shaving their faces is still relatively new in the United States, Japanese women having been doing it for a really, really long time. When I was teaching abroad in Japan, I was absolutely surprised by the plethora of micro pink razors designed specifically for faces. Meanwhile, the saleswoman was shocked I was so shocked. Yay, cultural exchange moments.

Before I get into what could happen when you shave your face, knowing how to do it properly is pretty crucial. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer spoke with Marie Claire about getting the perfect facial shave, and it actually sounds pretty similar to leg and pit shaving. She advised wetting your face, making sure to apply a shaving cream or gel, and shaving in the direction of hair growth. Also important? Finishing with an antioxidant moisturizer. "The shaving will allow for better penetration of your antioxidant," Palmer said, "and the antioxidant will help to minimize inflammation and irritation."

Convinced you want to switch from threading and waxing for a face shave? Here are seven things you can expect will happen.

1. Your Skin Will Feel Exfoliated

Yup, shaving is more or less the equivalent of a facial scrub, Marie Claire noted.

2. Your Hair Will Not Grow Back Thicker

Sorry myth lovers, but dermatologist Dr. David E. Banks told Buzzfeed, "Neither waxing nor shaving causes hair to grow in faster or thicker. We have a certain number of hair follicles in the skin and, if you don’t destroy them with lasers, they will continue to grow in at the same rate and with the same thickness."

3. You Will Get Stubble

Renee Daly, a regular facial shaver, told DailyMail, "People say hair is supposed to grow back thicker, but mine has always stayed soft, apart from stubble, which you can see after a couple of days." She uses a strong cover up to hide the stubble as it starts coming in.

4. Your Makeup Will Go On Easier

Daly noted that makeup just "sits" better after shaving, which makes sense because shaving gives you a smoother facial canvas to work with.

5. You Might Get Ingrown Hairs

Just like standard shaving, Marie Claire pointed out ingrown hairs can happen on your face if you don't shave carefully and use shaving cream.

6. You Might Experience Razor Burn

Those with sensitive skin need to be extra careful to avoid razor burn, which The Guardian mentioned as a legit possibility. Again, people, take your time and use shaving cream if your razor requires it.

7. You Will Need To Shave Regularly

Whether you're using a wet shave razor or a small dry shave like The Tinkle (I know, what a name), Pop Sugar writer Kirbie Johnson stressed the necessity of maintenance unless you're down to wait for stubble to grow out and get bleached by sunlight.

So, would you try it? Or already do and love it? Tell me on Twitter @RoseEatsPlants!

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