Here’s What You Need To Know About Colourpop Coming To Sephora

If you hadn't already heard the news, a fan favorite brand is making big moves. In a summer of product launches and killer collaborations, what else could possibly be left? ColourPop x Sephora is coming, y'all, and you'll need to know these seven things about the exciting launch.

On Monday, news hit the internet that popular online-only brand ColourPop would be launching into Sephora stores. While fans have been accustomed to shopping the brand's crazy affordable goods and killer collaborations exclusively online, that's about to change.

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At first, only few details were known about what the move to Sephora would mean for the brand. The biggest initial takeaway, however, was that products will be available to shop in stores — which means you can all finally swatch your potential ColourPop goods in person before making a purchase — around November 2017.

Thankfully, ColourPop marketing managers Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn took to the ColourPop Instagram page to give fans the low down on what the launch means for the future of the brand. From details about pricing to whether the quality will remain the same, Pak and Wynn gave fans an overview of the big announcement.

These seven things are the major points you much know about ColourPop x Sephora.

1. Prices Will Remain The Same

Pak and Wynn guaranteed customers that ColourPop's ultra low prices will remain the same. Get ready for $6 lippies in Sephora, y'all.

2. ColourPop Will Only Be In Select Stores

While the brand is launching into Sephora, it won't be every store. ColourPop will, however, be releasing the locations of Sephoras who'll be carrying their products closer to launch time. You will, however, be able to shop at Sephora online.

3. Every ColourPop Product Won't Be Available

The full range of ColourPop's products won't be available at Sephora. From the sounds of things, special collections and limited-quantities of iconic products will be on the Sephora menu, however.

4. ColourPop Will Be In Sephora By The Holiday Season

Good news! ColourPop will be at Sephora during the Holidays, and there could be special editions coming.

5. ColourPop Will Still Be Making All Of Their Own Products

Just because ColourPop is moving to Sephora, the quality of products won't suffer. The brand will still be making all of their own products in the same factory they've always been produced in.

6. ColourPop Will Always Be Cruelty-Free

Don't worry about ColourPop's cruelty-free status, either. The brand is committed to the cause.

7. You Can Use ColourPopxSephora For Questions

Pak, Wynn, and the ColourPop team are happy to answer questions. If you have any, use the hashtag #ColourPopxSephora on Twitter for answers.

If you love Sephora and ColourPop, this is a match made in heaven.

Time to count down until CP fans are in Sephoras across the country, swatching like mad and building their ColourPop collections.