7 Things Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Perhaps it's obvious, but it's amazing how connected everything in the body really is. When one part is off balance, it really can affect everything else. And signs that something is going on in your body can show up in unexpected places. What your hair can tell you about your health, for example, might be pretty surprising!

First off, if you are interested in the health of your hair in general, Lauren Fink, a hairstylist at Pechanga Resort Casino tells Bustle some easy ways to find out if your locks are in good shape.

"Get a mixing bowl and fill it with cold water," Fink says. "Dunk your hair into the bowl. Does it float or does it sink?"

If it floats, she says, your hair is healthy and your skin is probably hydrated to boot. If it sinks, well, that might mean your hair is a bit on the be brittle side and perhaps damaged, which is why it takes on the water instead of remaining buoyant.

Fink also recommends running a dryer sheet across your hair. Not only does this tame frizz or flyaways, but if you run the dryer sheet and the frizz just won't go away, especially if your hair isn’t naturally curly or frizzy, there may be an underlying problem. Her advice is to drink lots of H20 and to give your hair a break from heating tools and products for at least the weekend.

Below, take a look at what some other pros have to say about the hair and body connection.