7 Insanely Instagrammable Foods At Trader Joe's

by Nia Decaille

Millennials, come hither! It's time to admit that we are guilty as charged when it comes to posting every waking minute of our day. Admit it — everything you eat or outfit you wear requires a quick photo. Don't be ashamed! That fancy new phone with an amazing front-facing camera instantly turns you from photo newbie to full blown photographer. You're clever, creative, and handy with a photo editing app. Sure, you don't have formal training or a semblance of how to work a real camera, but there is still a place for you on social media. That's what Instagram and good lighting are for! For you to flourish and for the rest of us to admire your skills. Just think, a few years ago people didn't believe that social media would be a field.

So, ignore the non-believers and critics who insist that we are all bunch of attention-starved narcissists. If we believed everything said, no one could enjoy the full bounty of the internet and be stuck in the dark ages of dial up.

In fact, I'm here to help continue the habit. Except now, you'll know exactly what to buy to make a splash on your Instagram feed, because you're a #foodie these days. But let's not get too carried away. You actually have to consume this stuff and why can't it be filled with quality ingredients and look pretty? At Trader Joe's you can have it both ways.

While in the grocery store, be sure to tick these yummy finds off your list:

1. Joe-Joe's Truffles

Nothing says, sweet n' fancy with a quick pic of you about to bite into one of these. And they sound all the way tasty! Covered in dark chocolate, white chocolate and filled with créme, you won't just have to pretend you're enjoying this one.

2. Organic Purple Maize Flakes

TJ's calls it a "groovy reboot" to a cereal veteran. It's the perfect snap, Instagram story post, or Twitpic first thing in the morning when you're feeling a little lazy. This adds a little color to your breakfast bowl of cereal and makes a great quick pic with little effort.

3. Cannelés de Bordeaux

It looks like a fancy piece of dessert you picked up at a patisserie. But in reality, you're a sweet tooth on a dime. A French-inspired dessert, it's a cute pastry bite that will look good on any dessert spread. Pair with a mini chocolate fondue fountain you found on Amazon, a few marshmallows, and fruit, and you're ready for an elegant foodie post.

4. Marbled Mint Chocolate Bar

It almost looks too pretty to eat! If you've ever gone to a candy store and pined after the sweet selections, this is within arm's reach at your nearest TJ's.

5. Organic Sprouted Tricolor Quinoa

This is a favorite for our health enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a rice alternative. What's great is that the tinge of color will look for a pretty plate. And that's pretty much what we're all on Instagram for. Am I right?

6. Matcha Joe-Joe's

Matcha lovers, now is your time! If you've ever wondered how to sneak matcha into your snack palette, this is the way to go. It's like an Oreo, but not. It's on trend and is cool colored twist to a cookie classic.

7. Carrot Turmeric Juice Blend

Let's be vain for a moment and focus on the color here. It's the color of summer. Chilled with the right garnish, it makes for a great photo op, and your friends will be asking about how it tastes. Bonus: turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties for your skin, and carrots are great for your vision.

Cheers to Instagram-worthy foods, and to you! The generation capable of taking food envy to the next level.