7 Unconventional Books To Give As Valentine's Day Gifts

It's nearly Valentine's Day, and the air is sweet with love and romance. As February 14th draws nearer, you may be searching for the perfect way to say "be mine" or "I love you" to that special someone, but it can be tough to find the right Valentine's Day gift. After all, how can you fit all your mushy feelings on a single valentine's card? That's why giving a book for Valentine's Day is the perfect idea!

There is nothing more wonderful than sharing in the joy of a book. If you ask me, the best gifts are books that you yourself love. Sharing your favorite book is like sharing an intimate part of yourself. So, if you don't find the perfect book on this list, think about the books that excite you the most. Or maybe even find a book that the two of you can read together. It's the personal touch that makes giving a book so fantastically special. I'm sure Cupid would agree.

A good book is a better gift than candy and flowers combined. (And hey, books go great with chocolate and wine, too.) So this Valentine's Day, make your Valentine swoon with one of these seven excellent reads.