7 Unisex Sex Toys You Can Use With Any Partner

The way we think of sex toys is usually very gendered. "Female" toys are geared toward vaginas, "male" toys are geared toward penises, few acknowledge that "female" and "male" are not synonymous with penis and vagina, and even fewer are designed for multiple genitalia. However, a new genre of unisex sex toys is emerging. These products acknowledge that gender isn't the same thing as sex, and neither gender nor sex is binary.

"Even the most progressive and forward-thinking sex stores are very targeted at specific genders or sexual orientations," Amy Boyajian, founder of Wild Flower, an online sexual wellness boutique that sells toys without gender categories or gendered marketing, tells Bustle. "The problem is, these representations are oversimplified and not reflective of the true spectrum of sexual preference and experiences."

Even when sex toys are geared toward specific body parts, describing them in terms of gender neglects the experiences of trans and non-binary people. Plus, the way we use sex toys shouldn't be limited by the purpose they were originally designed for. Pretty much every sex toy can be a unisex toy if you're creative about how you use it.

Here are some toys you can use with any partner (including yourself), no matter what body parts they possess.



Novice, $130, B-Vibe

This small vibrating plug can introduce anyone to butt play, because anal pleasure knows no gender. "One of the great things about anal play is that folks with any genitalia can enjoy it," V-Vibe CEO Alicia Sinclair tells Bustle. "The sensations and experiences that feel good to you have nothing to do with your sexual orientation or gender. It’s kind of like how the food that you enjoy is a totally different question than who you want to have dinner with."



Pivot, $109, We-Vibe

This cock ring's vibrations create powerful pleasure for the penis it fits around, as well as any vulva, anus, or other body part it touches. Or, if there's no penis involved, you can put it on a dildo or just use your hands.



Dame Products

Fin, $75, Dame Products

Fin was created mainly to even the playing field for people with vulvas, but then many users reported that they liked the vibrations on their penises and balls. "One great thing about Fin is that fits an incredibly wide range of hand sizes, so it's ideal for couples' play and providing vibration to anyone who enjoys it," Dame Products co-founder Alexandra Fine tells Bustle.


Club Vibe 3.OH Hero

Club Vibe 3.OH Hero, $119, Amazon

This music-responsive vibrator can spice up any night at a concert or club, and while there are several variations of it designed to stimulate vulvas, the anal one can work for people with any genitalia.


Clandestine Devices Mimic

Mimic, $110, Amazon

Just by looking at this one, you can tell it's not your typical vibrator. Instead of resembling a penis or vagina, it's shaped more like a tongue or the palm of a hand, which lets it glide over any body part.


Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand

Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand, $225, Adult Empire

No matter what sexual act you're engaging in or who it's with, a sex swing can put an interesting twist on it (no pun intended).



Crescendo, $179, Mystery Vibe

MysteryVibe's Crescendo twists and bends every which way to accommodate all types of bodies and pleasure. You can shape it into a U, an S, or pretty much any letter of the alphabet. Its variations are as diverse as our bodies are.

People are finally beginning to acknowledge that human sexuality can't be placed into two categories, and thankfully, sex toys are catching up with that.