7 Unpopular Opinions That May Be Rooted In Your Genes

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Everyone has their share of unpopular opinions. For instance, some people hate Harry Potter, while others don't understand why avocados continue to be a thing. Interestingly enough, there are some unpopular opinions that are influenced by your genetics. If you ever wondered why you've never been a dog person or why you're not into traveling as much as everyone else is, you have your DNA to thank for that.

Genes can certainly influence your lifestyle choices and habits," Olga Sazonova, PhD, product scientist at 23andMe, tells Bustle. "You genetics influences your wake-up time, caffeine consumption [...] mosquito bite frequency, ability to match a musical pitch, and motion sickness, to name a few."

It's no surprise to find that your genes can determine certain traits like your hair or eye color. Your genes can also say if you're prone to addiction or other illnesses. But your genetic make-up can be linked to some totally unexpected things like a fear of public speaking or a fear of heights.

According to Sazonova, there are many genetic variants and environmental factors that can influence the choices you make in your life. Here are some unpopular opinions on lifestyle-related choices and habits that may actually rooted in your genes.