7 Women 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Should Cast To Support Kyle Richards

by Marenah Dobin
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's hard to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and not think "Kyle is right" during every cast conflict. But as true as that is, no one has Kyle's back. All she wants is for someone to stand up for her just once in a group setting. A change is needed. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills needs to cast women who support Kyle Richards. Kyle has plenty of loyal friends and family members outside of the show who would stand up for her in a heartbeat.

Kyle is the cast member who says what everyone at home is thinking, yet no one on the show supports her during an argument. She has two sisters who love her, friends who she's kept for decades, and other loved ones who need to be on RHOBH and restore balance to this group.

Kyle did not deserve any of the drama that came her way this season. Let's review just some of the times in Season 8 when Kyle could have used a true pal:

  • When Kyle stood up for Lisa Vanderpump when Dorit Kemsley told everyone that Lisa is needy, insecure, and jealous. As the good friend that she is, Kyle stood up for Lisa in that conversation with Dorit and told Lisa what Dorit was saying behind her back, yet they both got mad at Kyle. How does that make any sense? Why didn't Lisa thank Kyle for having her back? Why was Kyle at fault for just doing her best to be a good friend?
  • When Dorit brought up Pantygate, a storyline from Season 7, while the cast was enjoying dinner during their trip to Berlin. Dorit blamed Kyle for Erika Girardi being offended that Dorit gave her panties as a "joke." Kyle had nothing to do with that fight, yet she got dragged into it over a year later. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave tried her best to stand up for Kyle, but Lisa Vanderpump shut Teddi down and dismissed her opinion because she was "new" to the group. Hopefully, Teddi will feel more comfortable standing up for Kyle if she's on the show next season.
  • Lastly, when Kyle called out Dorit for resurrecting the Pantygate storyline after Dorit's fashion show, Dorit did not feel one modicum of remorse. Erika did not refute Dorit's insinuations that Kyle had something to do with that drama. Everyone in the cast just sat there silently. Erika called Kyle after Kyle stormed out of the show venue, but it was too little too late. Why didn't she say anything in the moment?

Kyle is pretty much always in the right. She is reasonable, kind, and loyal. She needs some true support on this show and there are plenty of viable candidates.


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner has made a career out of supporting her six children's personal and professional endeavors. If anyone knows how to be there for a loved one on a reality TV show, it's Kyle's close friend Kris. The Housewives wouldn't know what hit them if the reality TV legend joined the cast.


Bethenny Frankel

New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel has appeared on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a couple of times, she has known Kyle for decades, and she has plenty of Bravo experience. Bethenny is the perfect person to put the Beverly Hills Housewives in check if they come for Kyle.


Camille Grammer

Thankfully, OG cast member Camille Grammer made some appearances this season, but it just wasn't enough. Camille called out Dorit for being a "tattle tale" and she has no issue telling it like it is. Camille needs to be on the show as a full-time cast member so she can have Kyle's back.


Faye Resnick

After years of coming to Kyle's defense on RHOBH, Kyle's dear friend Faye Resnick needs to make a triumphant return. Even though Faye was never a Real Housewife, she always went out of her way to stand up for Kyle and her girl needs her back on this show. Faye was in Kyle's corner from the very beginning, even during Season 1 when medium Allison Dubois criticized Kyle's marriage.


Kim Richards

Kyle's sister Kim Richards was an original cast member. Yes, they've had their ups and downs throughout the years, but sisterly love is a beautiful thing. Kim and Kyle tackled Brandi Glanville drama together during a game night gone wrong during Season 2. If only Kyle had her sister around this season when she needed someone on her side.


Kathy Hilton

Kyle always defends the Housewife in the right when there's a conflict. She could use some love from her other sister, Kathy Hilton, to comfort her and speak up on her behalf the next time her costars turn against her.


Paris Hilton

Kyle's niece Paris Hilton has years of reality TV experience from The Simple Life. She even filmed a whole season while she was feuding with Nicole Richie. If anyone knows how to triumph on a reality show in the middle of cliquey drama, it's Paris.

Kyle Richards is a gem and a half. She is a good friend to everyone, even the people who aren't great friends to her. If one of these ladies joined the show, Kyle would never be the lone wolf in an argument ever again.