74 Legitimately Amazing Gifts You Won't Believe Are Under $40 On Amazon

Sometimes, trying to find an awesome present without breaking the bank can be a hard feat to overcome. However, with a little research, you'll discover that there are plenty of amazing Amazon gift options under $40 that'll totally fit the bill. With that being said, you'll still want to make sure that your affordable gifts are going to be used and enjoyed by the people you're buying for.

As you begin your search, it might be helpful to think about the hobbies, work lives, and habits of your family members and friends. Perhaps, you're shopping for an avid traveler who could use a compact neck pillow or a set of packing cubes — or maybe there's someone on your list who would enjoy a cozy bathrobe or a microwaveable neck warmer after a long day at work.

Either way, finding certain presents to suit your loved ones' personalities and interests is a surefire way to put smiles on their faces. To make your shopping experience a little bit easier, I've come up with a list of cheap (but amazing) gift options that your friends, family, and wallet are all sure to adore. But if you see something that you'd enjoy, go ahead and treat yourself.


A Book Light That Bends To Your Customized Needs

This flexible book light is for more than just the reader on your list. The rechargeable, hands-free device rests gently around your neck to light the way while you create, write, or even walk the dog outside. With four LED bulbs and three brightness levels, you can customize the shine to your liking. Plus, the anti-slip design helps keep the light in place.


The Facial Hair Remover That Looks Like A Tube Of Lipstick

You can painlessly remove any unwanted hair with this discreet facial shaver. Its dual-blade design can help eliminate peach fuzz around your jaw, cheeks, and chin — and the built-in LED light will illuminate the way so you don’t miss a spot. It’s also waterproof, so you can run it under water to clean it.


This Weighted Blanket That's Filled With Glass Beads

Give the gift of a good night’s rest with this weighted blanket. It's constructed with sewn pockets that are smaller than usual to evenly distribute the internal glass beads for a relaxing, secure sleep. Plus, the double-stitched design means you can toss the blanket into the washing machine for easy cleaning. Choose from different sizes and weights to accommodate your needs.


These Glass Pumice Stones For Extra-Smooth Skin

Pamper your loved ones with these glass pumice stones. You can use them on different areas of your body (including your feet, elbows, and hands), and they'll barely shed. Plus, these easy-to-grip stones can fit right in your palms, making it easy to smooth down rough skin. With two unique levels of coarseness, you can send those calluses and cracked heels packing.


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Lets You Jam Anywhere

Work on your singing skills with this portable Bluetooth speaker that’s ideal for the shower. The waterproof gadget is compatible with most devices — so you can stream music from your computer, phone, or tablet. With an easy clip to secure on different objects, this speaker is also ideal for hiking and working out.


An Organic Cacao Powder That Makes Delicious Baked Treats

Enjoy the taste of delicious chocolate with this cacao powder, which is organic and sugar-free. It can blend easily into milk, smoothies, and other mixtures to make brownies, cakes, hot chocolate, and other confections. Plus, this 1-pound bag is unprocessed and full of antioxidants (thanks to the cacao).


This Book On Decluttering That Will Help You Totally Zen Out

Focus on tidying up while reading this book on decluttering by Marie Kondo. The book — which is a New York Times #1 Best Seller — claims to help bring zen and organization to your life, making your home environment a happier place to dwell. With over 12,000 positive Amazon reviews, it's worth a try.


An Anti-Theft Backpack With A USB Port For On-The-Go Charging

Travel safely and securely with this anti-theft backpack that's made with water-resistant material. Along with tons of space and pouches, it features a hidden pocket on the back that helps protect and safeguard your most valuable items. And the best part is that it comes with a built-in USB port, which will help you charge your phone while walking around.


A Knit Sweater Wrap That Pairs With Jeans, Skirts, And More

This knit wrap-around sweater will keep you snug and cozy on chilly days. Its asymmetric, cocoon-like style makes it an easy option to pair with skirts, jeans, pants, and more. What's great is that it comes in a large variety of colors to complement other items in your wardrobe.


This Smart WiFi Plug That Lets You Control Your Electronics Remotely

Control your electronic devices from anywhere you want with this smart WiFi plug. It works seamlessly with voice control because of its ability to pair with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana devices. However, it can also be used with a smartphone app to control specific schedules.


A Tea-Infusion Set Made With Mesh Stainless Steel

Brew delicious loose leaf tea with this set. It comes with three premium steepers in two sizes, allowing you to brew multiple cups of tea at one time. Each infuser is made with extra-fine stainless steel, so you never have to worry about rusting or finding floating particles in your tea.


These Compression Cubes That Simplify Packing

The perfect gift for avid travelers, these compression packing cubes help keep things organized and in place within your suitcase. Made of smooth nylon fabric and ventilated mesh cloth, this particular set comes with five pieces in various sizes to fit all of your items. It also comes in 10 different colors for your choosing.


This Book That Organizes Your Passwords And More

You'll never forget your log-in information ever again, thanks to this password organizer. This book has enough space to record titles, usernames, and passwords for over 160 different websites, keeping everything you need in one handy place. There's even room for extra notes that you might have for each bit of information.


A Comfortable Sheet Set That Comes In A Variety Of Colors

This microfiber sheet set is both comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. The four-piece collection — which includes two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet — comes in a variety of colors. Plus, the fitted sheets have extra-deep pockets that'll keep them neatly in place throughout the night.


The Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink By Lighting Up

Give the gift of hydration with this BPA-free water bottle. Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and light that glows when you should drink up, you'll never miss the opportunity to take a sip. In addition to that, its stainless steel insulation gives it the ability to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods of time.


This Memory Foam Knee Pillow That Helps You Sleep Comfortably

Reduce sciatica pain and enhance your sleeping position with this memory foam knee pillow. It raises and supports your top leg to ease back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip pain, while also giving you proper spinal alignment for a comfortable night's rest. This pillow even comes with a removable outer cover that can easily be tossed into the wash for easy care.


A Car Seat Warmer With Multiple Heat Settings

Stay warm and toasty while cruising around town with this heated car seat cushion. Made to hook onto your car's headrest, it has a quick warm-up time and can be adjusted to high-, medium-, and low-temperature settings. Even when it's not heated, the seating attachment remains extremely comfortable, thanks to its thick polyester fabric. There's even a non-slip bottom that prevents it from moving out of place.


This Hydrating Cream That Helps Remove Calluses

You'll feel relief in your feet after using this creamy callus remover. Formulated with 40% urea, this cream works to hydrate and repair dry, cracked skin. It can even help reduce itching, making your feet feel more comfortable and soothed with each and every use.


An Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder That's Easy To Use

This 100% organic matcha green tea powder is packed with tons of antioxidants that can help boost your energy and mental clarity. Sourced directly from Japan, this powder contains a small amount of caffeine and can help relieve inflammatory issues. It's also super easy to make; simply whisk a certain amount into hot water and enjoy.


A Card Game That'll Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

This Exploding Kittens card game will be tons of fun for the whole family. This set includes 56 different cards that users pull one-by-one until they're ultimately eliminated by pulling the "exploding kitten" card. Apparently, the game is suitable for both kids and adults — and it has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Makeup Mirror That Can Be Easily Folded And Stored

Touch up your makeup and hair with this handy trifold mirror, which comes with three LED lighting modes and adjustable brightness. It's small enough to fit on your bathroom countertop or bedroom dresser, but its trifold design lets you store it wherever you need to (or travel with it for on-the-go glam).


A Microfiber Towel That Cuts Blow-Drying Time In Half

Cut your hair styling time in half with this super absorbent, anti-frizz towel. Made of microfiber with "InstaDry" technology, this towel has the ability to dry hair faster and more effectively (ultimately lessening the time you need to get ready after showering). It works great on all hair types, and it folds down for easy travel.


A 3-In-1 Hair Brush That Blow-Dries While You Style

Blow-dry and style at the same time with this three-in-one hairdryer, straightener, and volume-enhancer. The versatile tool is designed with tufted bristles that grip, detangle, and lift your locks while drying. With the ability to significantly reduce your morning routine, it also features three adjustable heat settings for different hair types and textures.


These Soft Makeup Brushes With Rose Gold Grips

This 14-piece makeup brush set has a little bit of everything. It features nine eye makeup applicators and five kabuki-style brushes for contouring and more. They're all beautifully-designed in black with rose gold trims, and they're ideal for applying liquids, powders, creams, and more.


A Burt's Bees Gift Set That'll Moisturize You From Head To Toe

This Burt's Bees travel set has you covered head to toe. Made with all-natural ingredients, the products in this five-piece package include hand salve, body lotion, cleansing cream, foot cream, and lip balm to help keep your skin pampered and hydrated wherever you go.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Mist For Up To 17 Hours

This large-capacity essential oil diffuser will have your house smelling amazing for hours on end. It has the ability to mist continuously for up eight hours in its full power mode — but it can last 17 hours while misting on a lower setting. It also serves as a humidifier and a night light that can run an assortment of colors.


A Stylish Tree Stand That Keeps Your Jewelry Organized

Organize all of your jewelry and trinkets with this stylish tree jewelry stand. Each branch can be used to keep your necklaces, bracelets, and other items neatly in place (and detangled when they're not being used). Made with bronze, cyan, or silver metal finishes, this stand is sure to match your home decor perfectly.


A Dermatologist-Tested Skin Cream For Extra Moisture

Made to be used as a daily lotion, this dermatologist-tested skin cream will help keep your face, hands, feet, and body moisturized. It has no dyes or fragrances, and it's both paraben- and formaldehyde-free. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, and it comes in an easy-pump container.


This Water Flosser That Cleans Hard-To-Reach Places

Powered with a rechargeable lithium battery, this water flosser is designed for in-depth oral cleansing. It has three modes and comes with a rotating nozzle to help clean hard-to-reach places with a strong stream of water. Once fully charged, it can last for up to 10 days.


A Drying Lotion That Helps Heal Blemishes Overnight

This pink lotion is formulated to dry blemishes overnight. Made with salicylic acid, sulfur, zinc oxide, calamine, and more, it helps removes dirt and grime from the skin to purify and heal on contact. Leave it on at night and then rinse it away in the morning.


The Cleansing Micellar Water That's Made For Sensitive Skin

Remove makeup and other impurities with this soothing micellar cleansing water from Bioderma, which is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Formulated for sensitive skin, this solution works to cleanse your complexion without the need for rinsing.


This Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

Keep your makeup and other items neatly in place with this 360-degree cosmetic organizer. The bamboo unit fully rotates for convenient access while reducing clutter on your countertop. Its neutral design is both stylish and functional, fitting the decor of basically any room in your home.


A Cold Therapy Mask That's Made With Ceramic Clay

This unique eye mask works wonders to relieve tired, puffy eyes (along with headaches, sinus pressure, and more). It's made with enclosed ceramic clay that can be heated or chilled — and there's a fabric layer for added coziness. It also features a velcro strap that easily adjusts for customized tightness.


The Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow That Comes In Tons Of Shades

Great for use when you're on-the-go, this liquid eye shadow formula goes on easily with the help of its short wand applicator. It comes in a variety of luxe, shimmery shades that are lightweight, long-lasting, and perfect for daytime glamour or a night on the town.


A Cooling Band That Provides Comfort On Hot Days

This cooling band provides refreshing relief on hot days, because it can easily cool your body from the head down. To use it, simply soak the cloth in cold water and squeeze out the excess liquid. Then, place it around your neck or head for a cool sensation.


This Magnetic Barbecue Grill Light For Nighttime Cookouts

It'll be easier than ever to keep an eye on your food while grilling at night with this magnetic barbecue LED light set. It's made with durable steel and has a flexible neck for optimal maneuverability. Six batteries are included for added convenience before you set it up.


The Fleece Neck Pillow That Adds Support While You Snooze

Sleep comfortably while you're on-the-go with this travel pillow. Made with soft fleece and an internal support system, this pillow goes around your neck like a scarf to protect and comfort your head while you snooze in an upright position. It also folds down and can be easily attached to your luggage for hands-free transportation.


A Jewelry-Cleaning Pen That Polishes Your Valuables

Keep your jewelry in pristine condition with this "Diamond Dazzle" stick. With an easy twist, the pen will deliver a cleaning solution onto your diamonds. Then, the soft bristles will help polish those valuables without leaving scratches behind. You can store it in your bag for on-the-go cleaning.


A Flexible Scrubber That'll Help You Exfoliate Your Back

You'll never miss those hard-to-reach places with this exfoliating back scrubber. Made with a loofah-like texture on one side and plush microfiber on the other, this flexible, elongated scrubber will help you cleanse your entire back. It also features two handles for easy gripping.


This Night Light That Activates When Motion Is Detected

This motion-detecting night light will make navigating throughout your home in the dark easier than ever. It stays dim as you sleep and brightens up when motion is detected, helping you and your loved ones walk around in the dark. It can be plugged into any outlet where you need lighting.


The Bubbling Beauty Mask That Helps Detox Your Complexion

Formulated with charcoal powder, lavender extract, and more, this easy-to-use Korean carbonated clay mask penetrates deep into your pores, preventing and removing blackheads throughout the process. It bubbles as it works — and it can be washed off with water.


A Laptop Stand That Can Rise To Different Angles

You'll be able to work comfortably from bed with this laptop stand. It has sturdy legs that can adjust in height, preventing the strain of neck and back pain. The stand also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and lock at various angles — and it's collapsible for easy transportability.


This Set Of Bath Bombs That Help Moisturize Dry Skin

Bath lovers will be able to sit back, relax, and moisturize with this set of luxurious bath bombs. Formulated with various essential oils, gorgeous scents, and nourishing ingredients (like sea salt, sunflower oil, and shea butter), each one can help relieve and nurture dry skin.


An Atlas That Explores Some Of The World's Most Obscure Locations

The wanderlust in your life will be able to explore some of the greatest and most obscure places in the world with this "hidden wonders" atlas. This book delves deep into 700 "curious" places around the globe (like the glowworm caves in New Zealand). Page after page, this atlas is filled with discoveries that'll make jaws drop and minds wander.


This Body Shaver That Reaches The Hard-To-Get Spots

You can now groom your back without any help with, all thanks to this back hair remover and body shaver. It's designed to give you a close, knick-free shave while you maneuver its arm from the front — it works on both wet and dry skin. As you can see, it's long enough to care for places that might be harder to reach.


These Capri Leggings With A Pocket For Your Phone

Hit the gym in total comfort with these high-rise leggings. They come in capri-length and even have a pocket that's large enough to store your phone and other small items. This particular pair is offered in a variety of colors to suit your personal preference, and it offers four-way stretch.

Available in sizes: X Small - XXX Large


A Moisturizing Lip Scrub That's Made With Raw Cane Sugar Crystals

Your lips will be soft and smooth after using this highly-rated sugar lip scrub. Concocted with raw cane sugar, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, shea butter, and more, this cruelty-free formula is extremely nurturing and moisturizing. To make things even better, it's also free of parabens and phthalates.


The Beer-Inspired Soap That's Made With Actual Hops

This beer soap is formulated with real hops and other ingredients (like orange peels and crushed oats) to help cleanse and moisturize your skin. Great for the body and hair, this formula will leave you feeling clean — and it even smells great. Choose from different beer-inspired scents, like Vanilla Porter and Honey Pilsner.


A Journal Gift Set To Help Organize Your Life

Learn how to organize your thoughts quickly and effectively with this journaling set. It comes with one book that helps you organize your to-dos and "to-don’ts," along with a separate blank journal that lets track your day-to-day activities by using a grid. One person wrote, "I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and making good use of the included blank dotted journal."


This Car Mount For Your Phone That Suctions Into Place

This dashboard and windshield car mount allows for hands-free use of your phone while you're driving and using your GPS. Its telescopic arm can adjust and pivot for optimal viewing, while its strong suction base helps keep it in place. For added safety, it has one-touch technology that allows you to quickly operate it with one hand.


A Phone Stand That's Shaped Like A Cute Dinosaur

Keep your phone or tablet within reach with this animal desk phone stand. Designed in the shape of an adorable dinosaur, it's both fun and functional. It even comes in a variety of great colors to choose from. Because it's constructed with high-grade silica gel, it's also flexible and durable.


This Snack Dish That Hides Unwanted Crumbs And Shells

Never worry about where to put your edamame or pistachio shells ever again with this serving bowl. It's designed stash the remnants of olives, nuts, cherries, edamame and more. The bowl comes with a removable top dish and a larger bottom dish that reserves a space for shells, pits, and any other food pieces that you might not want to consume.


This Bedside Shelf That Can Hold Cell Phone And Laptop

Get extra storage space in your bedroom with this durable bedside shelf. It can easily attach to the side of your bed in less than 60 seconds — and it can be used to hold your cell phone, laptop, coffee, or any other items that you might want to have within close reach.


A Set Of Indoor String Lights That Can Be Controlled Remotely

Deck your halls, stairwells, ceilings and more with this set of 200 LED string lights. The decorative lighting system comes with timing capabilities that gives you total control over how long or short they stay on. For complete customization, you can also choose from eight different modes of brightness — all with a remote control.


The Cozy Cotton Robe With Pockets For Your Phone

Give the gift of warmth and coziness with this comfortable robe that's made with 95% cotton. Made with chic quarter sleeves and an above-the-knee cut, this wrap-around robe ties in the front — and it even comes with warm side pockets that have enough space to tuck your hands, phone, or snacks as you lounge about the house.


An Aromatherapy Oil That Helps Treat Headaches

This aromatherapy essential oil roll-on is comprised of lavender, peppermint, and spearmint — and it's a great all-natural remedy for headaches. The formula is totally vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free — and it also works great to relieve stress, tension, sinus pressure, and more.


The Foldable Wine Bottle That's Easy To Refill

Perfect for tailgating, hiking, camping and more, this foldable wine bag holds a full, 750-milliliter bottle of wine (seriously). Easy to refill for repeated use, the container is totally BPA-free, flexible, and simple to carry. It also comes in seven different colors and patterns.


This Book That Tells Foodies About Meals They Need To Try

Put a smile on the face of the food lover in your life with this book of the world’s best dishes that readers must try. A compilation of several cuisines served around the globe, this work reveals different restaurants, delicious dishes, and over 70 recipes that'll leave foodies salivating for more.


This Bathroom Guest Book That Your Friends And Family Will Love

Bring a bit of humor to your powder room with this bathroom guest book. The hardcover book features space for friends and family to write, doodle, and answer questions that'll have them laughing out loud. It's designed with a ribbon page marker and 112 pages of complete and utter fun.


A Coffee-Tasting Kit That Lets You Blindly Sample Different Flavors

If you're a coffee-lover, you'll thoroughly enjoy this Arabica bean coffee-tasting set. The kit is available in light, medium, and dark roasts — and each box includes four samples. Every variety is blindly labeled, allowing you to observe each cup with an open palate and mind.


The Slate Cheese Board That Comes With A Labeling Pen

Make beautiful charcuterie displays with this slate cheese board. It comes in various sizes that are strong, durable, and great for entertaining. Cork feet help protect your counter and tabletops while an included soapstone pencil allows you to label and write notes on the board.


This Bamboo Organizer With A 4-Port Charging Station

This bamboo organizer has a four-slot charging station with docking capabilities, along with two slots that hold pens, pencils, markers, and more. It comes with four charging cables that are compatible with Apple and Android devices, and it also has a stand that supports smartwatches.


An Air-Purifying Bag That's Made With Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Made from activated bamboo charcoal, this air-purifying bag helps eliminate unwanted odors from cars and houses. It can be used for up to two years — and it even does wonders to prevent moisture and mildew. Because of its natural composition, it's also completely safe for use around children and pets.


This Moisturizing Charcoal Soap That's Great For Sensitive Skin

Perfect for sensitive skin, this all-natural soap will moisturize and gently cleanse as you use it. Made with activated bamboo charcoal, it works to mildly exfoliate your skin, removing impurities and dryness throughout the process. It's completely handmade and crafted of organic ingredients.


A Cat Headband That Holds Your Hair Back While You Wash Your Face

Start your day off purrfectly with this adorable cat ear accessory. This headband is great for use while you shower or cleanse your face, because it can hold your hair back — but it also serves as a great barrier as you apply makeup. One customer wrote, "I usually just pull my hair back when I do anything skincare related, but this makes skincare more fun."


The Sponge That Removes Deodorant Stains From Your Clothes

In my opinion, having a deodorant stain on your shirt is the total pits. To combat the common issue, you can use this deodorant-removing sponge to keep your clothes stain-free. It works well with all wardrobes, and it's the perfect size to tuck into your purse or backpack while you travel.


This 6-Month Supply Of Dental Floss That's Infused With Coconut Oil

Infused with coconut oil, this vegan dental floss is designed to remove debris that are stuck between your teeth (and apparently, it smells great). In this supply — which, by the way, is paraben-free — you'll receive three units of 32 yards. That's enough to keep you flossing for an entire six-month period.


This Bluetooth-Enabled Hat That Streams Music And Phone Calls

You'll be able to stay warm, comfortable, and totally entertained while wearing this rechargeable, double-knit beanie. The one-size-fits-all hat features Bluetooth technology that's compatible with just about all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices — so you can listen to music and take calls whenever you need to.


The Comfortable Lyrca Headband With Built-In Earphones

This lycra earphone headband is super cozy (unlike other headphones) — and it comes with a wire that has the ability to connect to all of your favorite electronic devices so you can listen to music in comfort. Great for travel, it even comes with its own carrying case — and it's available in a wide variety of colors.


A Hair-And-Scalp Massager That Feels Amazing In The Shower

Soothe and nurture your scalp with this gentle hair-and-scalp massager. Both firm and soft, it works in the shower to cleanse and remove debris as you lather with shampoo. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it features a non-slip grip for easy manipulation.


The Buckwheat Pillow That's Also Filled With Lavender Buds

Relax and sleep comfortably with this buckwheat and lavender pillow has a mixture of buckwheat hulls and lavender buds for relaxation and comfort. Built to cradle your back and neck, this firm-filled pillow's cover is 100% cotton batik that's hand painted; so it's hand wash only. To revitalize the lavender scent, simply knead or pinch the pillow to have the bud's release their aroma.


This Curved Facial Massager That Helps Relieve Tension

Release tension in your face and body with this handheld massager. The curved, Y-shaped tool has round tips that rotate 360 degrees to knead your muscles and enhance blood circulation, all while relieving tension. The waterproof tool requires no charging or batteries, and it can be easily packed and used wherever you go.


This Microwaveable Neck Wrap With Aromatherapy Benefits

Soothe achy muscles and shoulder pain with this microwavable neck wrap. Filled with natural and relaxing fibers (such as flaxseeds, wheat, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and more), this wrap is designed to alleviate stress through the power of aromatherapy and heat. Simply warm it up, and you've got yourself cordless, hands-free heating pad.


A Sturdy Umbrella That Can Withstand Strong Gusts

Stay dry under all conditions with this windproof travel umbrella. It features one-hand operation for easy opening and closing — and it's resistant to strong wind gusts that would typically turn an umbrella inside out (thanks to its nine ribs). The shield comes in an assortment of colors, and it's compact enough to pack away in a backpack or purse.

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