The 8 Best Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners


Getting your first cat is an exciting experience, but it can also be an overwhelming one. As cute and cuddly as a new cat is, they are also a lot of work, especially if you're getting a kitten instead of a fully grown cat. Cats may seem to be more low-maintenance than dogs, and in some ways, they definitely are. But that doesn't mean they require zero maintenance! They still need love, care, and lots of attention. You have to know everything from when and what to feed them to how to "train" them (although this can, admittedly, sometimes be impossible) to what to do with them when you're going to be gone for hours at a time. If you're a first-time owner, you'll want a cat breed that makes your life a little easier.

Like any other animal, different kinds of cats have different personalities. Certain breeds tend to be a little more high-maintenance than others, and certain breeds tend to be more social and friendly than others. For your first cat, you want one that will be easy to get along with, especially if you have other pets, and a cat that isn't going to take up a ton of your time.

The below cat breeds are great examples of that. In general, they're pretty easy-going and straightforward, although, of course, every cat is going to be different regardless of their breed. Remember: no matter how "simple" a cat might seem, you're still responsible for them, so treat them correctly! Below are a few options you'll love:


Maine Coon

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Maine Coon cats have a reputation for being super social, friendly, and playful. They can have some dog-like tendencies sometimes, like walking on a leash and playing fetch, so they're really great if you've always been a dog owner and you're now branching out to cats. They are smart and easy to train, they love attention, and they're adaptable.


Siamese Cats

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Siamese cats are very intelligent and fun to have around. As for maintenance with their appearance, it's pretty simple: they don't have long hair, so they don't require a lot of grooming or combing. They have a generally great personality and they're very loyal, but also very social and curious.




If you want a cat because you want an animal that is fun to play with and cuddly at the same time, then get yourself a Ragdoll. These good natured cats get along with everyone (including other animals, which could be a big plus), they're very adaptable, they love to snuggle, and they're super relaxed. They're also easy to groom and keep clean.




Somalis are super active and playful, and they're full of energy - but don't let that bring you down. They're easy pets who love to be social and be around other people and animals. This is great if you have other pets or live with a lot of other people! They're fully capable of entertaining themselves, although they do prefer to be with their owners, so you'll always have company.



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If you've been avoiding cats because you don't want to deal with their hair (which is fair!), then get a Sphynx. These hairless cats might be a little unique looking, but they are super loving and you don't have to worry about grooming them. They're also very laid back and relaxed as well.


American Shorthair


Because most of the domestic cats in the U.S. are American Shorthair, they're not hard to find, and they make it really easy to adopt, which is great for a first-time owner looking to do that. They are also known for being easy-going, pleasant, relaxed, and loving. American Shorthairs want your attention, but they also don't need it on a constant basis and they can entertain themselves when needed.




Burmese cats love to be around people and are known for having dog-like qualities, similar to a Maine Coon. They love to be with their owner and they can form strong bonds and remain very loyal, so if you're used to that with dogs, Burmese cats are great. They are super devoted, intelligent, and curious, and they'll always be by your side.




Abyssinians have a great personality, they are easy to take care of, and they are very curious and playful. They love to explore and they will definitely keep you entertained. They don't really love to snuggle, though, so that's definitely one thing to keep in mind.