8 Books To Bury Yourself In Until Mercury Is Out Of Retrograde

by Aoife Hanna
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Cute long-haired girl lies and reads a book

Have you been feeling a bit funky? And not in a cute way? Well, guys, look. I get it. There is something in the ether. Literally. That something is one pesky little planet totally brining the bad vibes. Oh yes, stop blaming yourself, your choices, your miscommunications. Mercury made you do it. The planet is very much in retrograde RN and that is the reason that for you at the moment, things might just be a bit upside down. But you know what can heal all manner of ailments? Losing yourself in a book. So books to beat Mercury in retrograde blues are not only a way to help you feel better but also to cruise though this rough patch.

Have you felt the strong urge to contact an ex and/or had one slide into your DMs/emails like the slug they are? Mercury did it. Have you felt a solid urge to kick off an argument with someone that has been slightly irking you? Babe, it's Mercury. And don't worry, because we're all feeling it. I mean, according to some astrologers, the planet being in retrograde even affects your beloved pooch. IKR?

So it's time to escape into a good book. Trust me on this one. You can thank me later.


'Rivers Of London' — Ben Aaronovitch

I once heard this book referred to as "a grown up Harry Potter" and, TBH, fair.

This series of books is about a police officer who sees a ghost. After seeing the ghost he finds himself involved with a secret wing of the police that deals with the supernatural.

A heck of a lot of magic, adventure, folklore, and lashings of heated moments. And I mean heated as in drama but also heated as in sexy AF.

And the best thing is, if you love it — you can just keep on reading its sequels.

The perfect series to get lost in while the planets do their thing.

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'Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction' — Multiple authors

Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction is a collection of stories written by illustrious writers including George Abraham, Reem Abu-Baker, María Isabel Álvarez, Patriz Biliran, and Anna Cabe. Reading the musings of these talented people will help you feel calm and centred in a time of turbulence.

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'The Art Of Not Falling Apart' — Christina Patterson

At a time when Mercury is about to make us all fall apart, The Art Of Not Falling Apart is the book to reach for.

Christina Patterson discusses the ups and downs of life, the haves and have nots, and the feelings of devastation that make us sink or swim. In this book, she speaks to people who have been through enormously stressful times.

All along the way, Patterson talks through her own experience and going along with what this beautiful life has in store for you.

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'Bossypants' — Tina Fey

Tina Fey's autobiography is all about the ups and downs of starting from scratch and becoming one of the world's most famous and loved funny women.

Her writing is so relatable and easy to follow as well as giving you a whole lot of "can do" feels.

Perfect for escaping the trappings of Mercury and those negative feels.

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'How To Be A Woman' — Caitlin Moran

Moran's book is on everything from shaving your legs to discovering the joys of masturbation to the kinds of BS we come to accept as women. Anecdotes of crappy boyfriends and negative feelings towards herself growing up are incredibly relatable and engaging. She asks questions about accepted parts of being a woman in this modern world that will really make you pause for thought. If you can stop laughing that is. A great book to escape into.

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'She Must Be Mad' — Charly Cox

An incredibly heartfelt, beautiful, and revealing collection of poetry that will speak to you on many different levels.

Looking at the transition to adulthood, the agony and ecstasy of love, and the thinly veiled frustrations of women in this modern world. Perfect for when you want someone else to make sense of a muddle of thoughts and feelings.

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'Her Body and Other Parties: Stories' — Carmen Maria Machado

A collection of stories that encapsulates horror, science fiction, dystopian worlds, reality, queerness, sentiment, and violence. Earth shatteringly brilliant and dark and original. This will keep you gripped.

Her Body and Other Parties: Stories is comprised of a whole load of "imagine ifs" that should take you out of your own until Mercury is no longer in retrograde.

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'Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom For A Better Life' — Cleo Wade

The poetry, mantras, and affirmations in this book will guide you through this astronomically turbulent time. The Cut called Cleo Wade "the millennial Oprah" and lord knows that's who we need right now.

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With a reading list like this, Mercury will be out of retrograde before you know it.

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