Mercury Retrograde Could Also Be Getting To Your Dog In This Totally Bizarre Way

by Aoife Hanna
Two dogs with full moon and her behaviour

It's the favourite thing for a lot of people (cough Millennials) to blame all manner of issues on. It is spoken about as if it is a storm that is guaranteed to hit. And guys, it is upon us. Mercury is currently in retrograde and I am sure you are thinking a lot about how that might be affecting you, your moods, choices, and attitude. But what about your little furry BFF? Does Mercury retrograde affect dogs?

In order to make sure I got the best advice on this, I contacted expert astrologer Sally Kirkman. No better woman considering her 30 years experience in both astrology consultations and writing quality horoscopes. She confirmed that of course dogs experience Mercury retrograde. I mean they really do have star signs just like us humans after all. Kirkman says that it is a time for all of the 're' words. And she gives some really helpful examples of dogs who are enjoying the 're' part of retrograde.

"I'm sure dogs do experience the Mercury retrograde phase, the same as humans. I know one dog who's gone to live by the seaside for the summer without his family, so I'm sure he'll be missing them and will be wondering what’s going on. A doggy retreat!"

However, a 're' word can also imply doing again. Like another little doggy she knows.

"Other dogs I know have taken a backwards step in their training. They are working dogs, and will need to re-learn some things moving forwards. So yes. You can see it playing out and Mercury retrograde is good for all the re-words — retreat, revise, relearn, rework."

Similar to how it affects humans, retrograde really is a time to get their "re" on. So how about us humans then? Because guys, we have until July 31 to make sure we handle this right. And that is a lot of time to potentially do the wrong thing. Especially as according to astrologers Lisa Stardust and Maia Orion who spoke to Bustle, this one is going to be emotional for all signs. Uh oh guys. Delete any ex's number and absolutely do NOT get searching their new baes on social media. This month is rife for a potential accidental "like."

As it is considered a time for retreat, maybe something you and your little babe might enjoy is a trip away. Even if just for a day. To retreat from your day to day life, social engagements, work, and of course all that noise.

If you don't own a dog and have been considering adopting one, this is absolutely not the time to be making any decisions. Especially as adopting an animal is a huge commitment and not for the faint of heart. It is best to wait it out and let the all of the beautiful parts of retrograde lead you to being like a shiny new pin at the end. A shiny new pin that didn't rush into something without properly thinking it through.