8 Clues Jax Isn't Actually Leaving 'Vanderpump Rules'

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been a whirlwind of a Season 6 for Jax Taylor. From cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers to him finding peace with his reiki master to the former model possibly landing a social media and marketing job for a hockey team in Tampa, Florida, he's had a lot going on. But, regarding the latter, fans might be wondering if the 38-year-old reality star is leaving the Bravo world to pursue his dream job. Well, there are actually a few clues Jax isn't leaving Vanderpump Rules.

One might think if he does have a new job located across the country it means he has to leave Pump Rules for good. That's definitely not the case. You don't have to work at SUR to be featured on the show, i.e. Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. And, if Jax does have a new job, there's a possibility he can travel back and forth for work and still appear on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spin-off.

It's no secret Jax wants to eventually leave Los Angeles. In March 2017, he told Bravo's The Daily Dish, "I love Kentucky. It's a beautiful place. It'd be nice to have a little house there," he said about Brittany's home state. He's even thought about moving back to his home state, Florida. "Ideally, I'd like to end up in Florida, close to my family, back to Tampa or Clearwater." So, yeah, he seems to be all about moving, but it's unclear if or when that will actually become a reality.

So, let's say he is doing social media and marketing for a Florida-based hockey team. Depending on how strenuous the job is and how much traveling is involved, Jax could still be on Pump Rules, but just not appear as often. Either way, it doesn't seem likely, at least at this point in time, that he's leaving the reality series after Season 6 — and here are some other clues suggesting exactly that.


He Still Lives In Los Angeles

Based on recent post he shared on social media, Jax continues to call L.A. home. Plus, he's constantly sharing videos on his Instagram story showing the same apartment he and Brittany have been living in for at least a year. He even tweeted on March 22 about his dream job, "Who said it didn’t pan out... I had personal things going on with my family” my father passing” at the time. Therefore I couldn’t make the move at this time. [sic]" Since he hasn't permanently moved yet, he's probably still part of Pump Rules.


He's Making Himself A Man Cave

Not only is this further proof he still lives in L.A., but you know Jax is going to want to show off his brand new man cave on Pump Rules. Why would he put all this work into it and then not have it appear on Bravo for the world to see?


Brittany Still Works At SUR

As you can see here in this post from March 6, Brittany is sporting a SUR uniform, so, yeah, she still works at SUR. As for Jax? Well, it's not entirely clear, but his outfit here looks awfully similar to what he usually wears when he bartends. Plus, if Brittany is still working at SUR, then Jax probably is, too. Does anyone ever really leave SUR for good? And if Brittany works at SUR, she'll most likely continue to film for Pump Rules, which means Jax probably will.


He & Brittany Are Still Together

They've faced a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, but Brittany and Jax are still going strong. Since they are a couple and Brittany still is a server at SUR, Jax has to remain part of Pump Rules. He's connected to Brittany, meaning he's a huge part of her reality TV story line.


He Has The Same Group Of Friends

Jax remains good friends with Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, and everyone else. They are all constantly taking photos with each other and even sometimes traveling together. Like Brittany, he has strong ties to the Pump Rules group, which would make it hard for him to disappear from the show completely.


He May Be Traveling For *That* Job

If you check out Jax's Twitter, he's posted quite a bit of hockey content and seems to be traveling a lot. His travel also seems to be related to the NHL. Could this mean his dream job is real and he's traveling back and forth for it? Even if that's the case, he's still probably part of Pump Rules.


He Talked About A 'Vanderpump' Wedding

In March, Jax and Brittany mentioned a possible Vanderpump wedding — for themselves. While chatting with the Daily Mail, Jax played coy about engagement rumors (Brittany's been seen wearing a ring on that finger) by saying, "We're having a good time. We're not going to say anything right now." Brittany also said about the piece of jewelry, "I just love this ring." Then, they said a wedding could happen "eventually" on Pump Rules. Whoa. If that's the case, then there is no way Jax is leaving.


He's Good For The Show

Let's face it: Jax is great for reality TV. Whether you like him or not, he makes Pump Rules entertaining. There's no way he can leave the show — and Bravo probably will do whatever it takes to keep him around, job in Florida or not.