8 Creative Mercury Retrograde Halloween 2018 Costume Ideas That Are Also Really Budget-Friendly

Every few months, the planet Mercury stations retrograde for about three weeks and subsequently (as you're likely all-too-aware of) wreaks a healthy dose of havoc in our lives here on Earth. This period is referred to as "Mercury retrograde," and it comes with a not-so-great reputation, astrologically speaking — mainly thanks to its ability to turn our lives upside down in a myriad of annoying and inconvenient ways. But that doesn't mean you can't pay homage to the infamous planet and its all-too-frequent retrograde periods with some creative Mercury retrograde Halloween costume ideas. Mercury retrogrades aren't exactly funny, but these costumes sure are — and they're the perfect way to poke some lighthearted fun at the absolute madness that these unavoidable planetary transits rain down on us multiple times a year. Better to laugh about it than cry, right?

The planet Mercury rules over communication, expression, and our overall ability to coordinate things — so when this planet retrogrades, all hell has the potential to break loose in these areas of our lives. It's often advised to avoid things like traveling or signing contracts during these periods, as the likelihood for communication errors, misunderstandings, and snags in schedules is high. Thank goddess Mercury isn't currently retrograding — this means your Halloween plans have a better chance of going according to schedule, which is good news. Book yourself silly — and Mercury, you stay back.


That all said, start making some plans and put together a funny, unique, and creative Mercury retrograde themed Halloween costume that will get some real-life LOLs and lighten up the mood when it comes to this usually-dreaded transit.

Mercury Retrograde & Chill

NASA Mercury Planet Space T-Shirt, $16.88, Amazon; Keep Calm Mercury Is Retrograde Tote Bag, $29.99, Amazon; Blue And Pink Galaxy Leggings, $15.60, Hot Topic; Pharmacy Charm Sterling Silver, $34.99, Kay Jewelers.

Keep it comfy with leggings and a t-shirt, Mercury retrograde style. Galactic leggings and a Mercury-themed graphic tee give you the astro vibe, while your retrograde symbol necklace and all-too-real quoted tote bag will make it clear that you're currently retrograding — and that everyone should look out.

"Wake Me When It's Over" Mercury Retrograde

Wake Me After Mercury Retrograde Sleep Mask, $14, Amazon; Mercury Retrograde Mug, $19.95, Amazon; Galaxy Kimono Jacket, $47, Etsy.

TBH, sometimes I wish I could sleep through the entirety of Mercury retrograde, but since three whole weeks is a long time to snooze, I'll take my chances. If we're talking Halloween costumes though, why not live the dream? An adorable retrograde-themed sleep mask on your head plus a coffee mug and outer-space robe is the cute (and cozy!) costume embodiment of how dang exhausting retrogrades make all of us feel.

Mercury Retrograde In Style

Galaxy Print Mesh Dress, $19, Shein; Rainbow Hypnotic Retro Sunglasses, $12.65, Zazzle; Grab The Wine Mercury Is In Retrograde Tote Bag, $29.99, Amazon, Sailor Moon Nail Sticker/Mercury, $2.49, Etsy.

Retrogrades aren't all bad — they give us an excuse to chill, sit back, reflect on our lives, and not make any hasty moves. That said, you may as well throw on a cute outfit and bust out the wine while you wait for it to pass. This retrograde costume is stylish and understated, but everyone will get the vibe.

Mercury Retrograde Tornado

Big Priest Band Mercury Necklace, $19.99, Etsy; Adult Tornado Costume, $59.99, Halloween Costumes; Softalk Coiled 12 Foot Phone Cord, $4.99, Target.

When Mercury retrograde hits, it undoubtedly feels like a tornado is ravaging through your life, schedule, ability to communicate, and most frustrating of all, your technological devices. Grab a tornado costume and a long phone cord to wrap around and attach to yourself to represent the minor tech disasters and communication errors that run rampant during this planetary transition. Add a large pendant with the Mercury symbol, and there you have it.

Sailor Mercury Retrograde

Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Cosplay Dress, $21.59, Hot Topic; Mercury Retrograde Enamel Pin, $12, Etsy; Sailor Moon Tiara Jewel Headband, $28, Etsy; Spiral Novelty Glasses, $1.25, Walmart.

This one's fun, funny, and punny all at once: You're Sailor Mercury Retrograde! A cute Sailor Mercury costume can easily go to a new and punny level with some retrograde-themed accessories like the enamel pin above, and some novelty glasses that show just how dizzy we all feel during retrogrades.

Blame It On Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Made Me Do It Tee Shirt, $14.99, Etsy; Glitter Witch Horns Black Headband, $7.99 Claire's; Mercury Inverted Pentagram Necklace, $13.50, Etsy.

Oops, Mercury retrograde made me do it! If you're feeling a little more "trick" than "treat," give your Halloween costume a lil' bit of a naughty touch with this tongue-in-cheek tee and devilish accessories.

Mercury Retrograde Apology

I'm Sorry Mercury Retrograde Tee, $19.99, Sound Of Happiness; KIRIN Fake Flower Bouquet, $11.49, Amazon; White Sparkle Angel Wings & Halo Headband, $9, Amazon.

If you were a little too naughty during Mercury retrograde, here's your chance to apologize in costume form. Whether it's missing a flight, showing up two hours late to dinner, or leaving an important text message on read, we all run into major snags during Mercury retrograde. Embody the calm after the storm and dress up as a Mercury retrograde apology so you can repair any astrologically-burnt bridges.

Keepin' It Simple, Retrograde-Style

But Mercury Is Retrograde T-Shirt, $14.90, Etsy; Martian Antennae Head Bopper, $1.99, Party City; Blue Mercury Round Frame Sunglasses, $15.65, Amazon.

If you're not super into dressing up big for Halloween, you can keep things simple with a funny Mercury retrograde screen tee, some inexpensive outer-space-esque bobble antennae, and round, galactic-looking sunglasses. Your costume will be obvious, but you can easily rock it without looking over the top.