8 Dog Breeds That Will Let You Sleep In


If sleeping is your forte, naps are your jam, and you feel a little "meh" about going for long walks outside, then it's probably safe to say that you're not compatible with high-energy dog breeds. Fortunately, like humans, dogs also have different personalities, so although you may not be able to suit the active lifestyle of dogs like dalmatians and labs, there are furry companions that may just be right up your alley. Keep reading for eight dog breeds that will let you sleep in.

Every dog should be spending at least a little time outdoors. According to PetMD, the amount of time a dog should spend outdoors and active varies depending on the dog's breed, age, and other health factors, but recommends at least a half hour, with a general range of a half hour to two hours depending on the dog. That's a pretty wide range, though — and for many of us, the ability to supervise our doggos for two hours a day outside is simply unrealistic.

Fortunately, not all dog breeds need hours upon hours of yard time to be happy. Some will be perfectly content letting you sleep in. If you really need your beauty sleep but also want a fluffy friend, here are eight breeds you should consider.