8 Fall Items Under $15 You Won’t Be Able To Resist Buying At Target

With fall fully upon us, it is time to start breaking out the cozy flannels, deliciously scented candles, and the most delectable fall-themed treats you can find (hello, apple cider doughnuts, I've missed you). And, while you're fully leaning into all of the great things this season has to offer, you'll want to load your shopping carts= and stretch your dollar with fall items under $15 from Target that will help you live your most autumnal life possible.

Fall is the *ideal* time to relax after an exhausting summer spent... well, probably watching Netflix or working. It's the perfect excuse to light some candles (because self-care, people!), gear up your Netflix queue, eat yummy pumpkin-themed food, and escape from the real world under a pile of warm, snuggly blankets. And there is no better place to stock up on these necessities (yes, they are really necessities) than your favorite place in the world, Target.

From the trendiest casual fall decor to the coziest blankets to the sweetest fall treats, Target has everything you will possibly need this season (seriously, it even has fall-scented cleaning supplies!). Just get your wallets ready, STAT. Here are eight fall essentials you can get for under $15.

1Bear Naked Granola Pumpkin Spice

Bear Naked Granola Pumpkin Spice


Looking to add an autumn twist to the most basic of breakfast foods? Feast on Bear Naked's Pumpkin Spice flavor, which will essentially turn your plain yogurt into a dessert, because dessert for breakfast is totally acceptable. The granola is packed with healthy and filling pumpkin seeds, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg, and topped with a generous amount of white chocolate. It is, in a word, delicious.

2Mrs. Meyer's® Apple Cider Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer's® Apple Cider Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner - 16oz


Autumn cleaning > spring cleaning, am I right? The only thing more satisfying than deep-cleaning your apartment is deep-cleaning your apartment using fall-scented products, such as this apple cider-scented cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's also has a pumpkin scent, too, if you're looking to turn your home into a deliciously scented fall oasis.

3Cotton Throw Blanket

Cotton Throw Blanket - Beige with Ivory Stripes — 3R Studios


This ultra soft throw blanket is subtle, but also screams "fall" in terms of its thick material, neutral colors, and understated-yet-sleek design. It's also super versatile, which means you can use it year-round, since it's pretty minimalist. It's the perfect addition to any sofa (if you can fit one) or futon (that's more like it).

4Ceramic Pumpkin Candle With Lid Pumpkin Spice

11.5oz Ceramic Pumpkin Candle With Lid Pumpkin Spice


This candle not only smells amazing, but it can also serve as a festive centerpiece on your table. According to the product description, the candle will burn up to 28 hours, and includes hints of mandarin, cinnamon, and, you guessed it, pumpkin. Sadly, no pumpkin spice lattes are included with the purchase of this gorgeous candle, so stop at Starbucks and grab the drink before indulging in pure relaxation.

5Archer Farms' Pumpkin Spice Snack Bites

Pumpkin Spice Snack Bites 3.5oz — Archer Farms


Target has truly knocked it out of the park this year with its lineup of pumpkin spice-flavored items. Amongst them are Archer Farms' pumpkin spice snack bites. These babies are a fall enthusiast's dream come true, and contain cookie pieces, oat, and pumpkin seeds, all in one delicious bite. Indulge in your sweet tooth, but make it *fall.*

6Rizzy Home Fall Harvest "Hello Fall" Decorative Throw Pillow

Rizzy Home Fall Harvest "Hello Fall" Quotes/Sayings Decorative Throw Pillow


Here's your friendly reminder that being festive doesn't have to cost a fortune. Investing in one or two statement pillows can totally transform the ~vibe~ and aesthetic of your home. Plus, what's not to love about pillows? They're comfy, cute, and can be as chic or as casual as you want them to be. For me, the more pillows, the better — especially in the chillier months when the last thing I want to do is escape from my bed.

7Kate Aspen Gold Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Kate Aspen Gold Pumpkin Place Card Holder


Transform yourself into the ~hostess with the mostest~ with these ultra-festive place card holders. Use them as motivation to throw the chicest, most Instagrammable fall-themed soiree of all time. The only challenge? They're only sold in sets of 12, so you'll have to find 12 people you actually like to come over, because these babies don't deserve to be wasted on anyone who isn't worthy.

8Throw Pillow Rizzy Home

Throw Pillow Rizzy Home


Yes, there are two throw pillows on this list. Think of throw pillows as a type of decorative art to show off to your friends and family. Besides, how could you say no to this trendy-yet-timeless pumpkin design? If it doesn't put you in the fall spirit as soon as you lay eyes on it, you're a lost cause.

No matter which items you choose to add to cart (why not all of them?), I promise your wallet will thank you. Happy shopping! Peace, love, and fall, always.