8 Haunted Wedding Venues You Can Actually Get Married At

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For some couples, a Pinterest-perfect wedding is right up their alley. They fill the day with cheery flowers, sparkling garlands, and peppy music. But every relationship is a little different, so what works for some folks definitely doesn't work for everyone. If you and your partner are more of the Beetlejuice or Corpse Bride type, and not so into keeping things traditional, looking into a haunted wedding venue might be more your style. It might seem a little dark at first, but the best wedding will be one that genuinely represents the two of you, so buck what's "natural" and instead opt for something supernatural.

No matter how thrilled you and your partner are about the possibility of a paranormal encounter on your big day, there's no need to worry if you have a parent who insists on keeping things classy or a grandparent who would faint if they thought ghosts were nearby, because each of these spots seems fairly normal unless you're in the know. That gives you the freedom to lean into the spooky theme as much (or as little) as you'd like. Just prepare an explanation to give in case a guest starts insisting they felt a cold hand grab them, you know.

Pull your partner extra close and start packing your ghost hunting equipment, because each of these venues is deliciously scary. Here are some spots to check out in preparation of your wedding.


The Roosevelt Hotel, California

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Craving a little bit of ghost hunting in between saying "I do" and cutting the cake? The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles is the perfect spot to keep things classy enough to honor the special occasion, while still spicing things up with some casual supernatural activity. "Many see Marilyn [Monroe] in the mirror. They also see a little girl in a blue dress," a maintenance worker told The Hollywood Reporter. Just consider them extra guests at no charge.


Big Nose Kate's Saloon, Arizona

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Local lore is that an old miner never left the historic Big Nose Kate's Saloon building in Tombstone, Arizona, a well-known ghost town. Stay away from the basement unless you're ready to risk physical contact with the spirit, Swamper, who's been said to grab and push people. But as long as you and your partner are simply batty about each other, you'll be sure to stay safe on your wedding day.


Rockwood Park & Museum, Delaware


On the eve before your wedding day at the Rockwood Park & Museum, ditch a traditional rehearsal dinner in favor of a guided paranormal investigation tour on the property. "Along the way, if you’re lucky, you may meet long-lost family members who, some say, still walk the halls of the mansion," the venue claims. But keep calm, and carry a wand, because you'll have your boo at your side.


The Queen Mary, California

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If you and your partner are ready to tie the knot on the water, but want to keep things extra spooktacular, getting hitched aboard The Queen Mary might be just the thing for you. Voted one of the top 10 most haunted places in America by TIME, you can hope to bump into supernatural figures like a "lady in white," various ghostly children, and an engineer who died long, long ago.


Oakland Cemetery, Georgia

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Yes, you read that right — a cemetery. If you're going to go a little spooky, why not go full macabre and literally tie the knot where hundreds of spirits likely roam? Oakland Cemetery's event space looks innocuous enough, so if you're worried about freaking out your guests, you don't have to tell them about the history of the place. In the spirit of creeping it real, some say they've seen long-dead soldiers wandering the grounds.


The Hannah House, Indiana


What might seem like just a beautiful building to hold a wedding ceremony is actually a crucial part of the Underground Railroad. The Hannah Mansion housed enslaved people heading to Canada for freedom, according to the website, and many folks still reportedly hear moans and feel mysterious cold spots on the property.


Ohio State Reformatory, Ohio

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You probably don't think of a building that once housed some of history's most infamous prisoners as the perfect wedding venue, but if you're looking for a creepy twist to your big day, the Ohio State Reformatory is the perfect spot for it. In addition to making your union official, try your hand at zombie laser tag or join along on the Shawshank Redemption tour. Interested in becoming a better ghost hunter with your partner? Try taking one of the classes offered onsite.


The Historic Anchorage Hotel, Alaska

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Alaska might already seem like the kind of place that'll give you chills (at least in winter), but getting married at the Historical Anchorage Hotel in Anchorage will raise the hair on the back of your neck in more ways than one. While there's a beautiful event space for the official ceremony, you and your partner can also look forward to spotting Police Chief John J. "Black Jack" Sturgus, who died mysteriously in 1921.

Wherever you choose to go for your wedding day, it's sure to be boo-tiful. So eat, drink, and be scary.