8 Ways Twitter Celebrated A Woke Mother’s Day Yesterday

Because it's intimately associated with powerful and resilient women, Mother's Day can be viewed as a feminist holiday. Really, it's one of the only times outside of Women's History Month where a spotlight shines on the sacrifices women make to work and raise children in a patriarchal world, and that can only be a good thing.

Like many holidays in America, Mother's Day has become more and more politicized. To be fair, it can still be about gushing over your awesome mom and sending her an Edible Arrangement, but it’s equally about speaking to the obstacles mothers face, and the obstacles those without (supportive) mothers face. This once innocuous holiday now holds space for those rejected, abandoned, or abused by their mother figures, and it provides a platform for those raising awareness about the lack of childcare and maternity leave options for families. In addition, Mother's Day is the perfect time to affirm that not all mothers or people who give birth are cisgender women, and that a more inclusive take on our idea of motherhood is necessary to keep in step with contemporary culture.

So in the spirit of this new, very woke kind of Mother’s Day, here are eight different kinds of feminist Mother’s Day tweets:

1. Tweets About The Emotional And Physical Impact Of Mothers

2. Tweets Honoring Grieving Mothers

3. Tweets Recognizing Motherhood As A Choice Not A Requirement

4. Tweets About Activist Moms

5. Tweets About Our Other Mother

6. Tweets About The History Of Mother's Day

7. Tweets About Politics And Motherhood

8. Tweets About The Reality Of How Difficult Mother's Day Can Be