8 Makeup Dos & Don'ts From Your Favorite Beauty Influencers

Most makeup addicts love a good beauty tutorial. Whether it's a no-makeup makeup look or a glittery cut crease, seeing how other people create their looks is fun for those who like to experiment with beauty. But these 8 makeup dos-and-don'ts videos from your favorite beauty influencers may just be more important than their tutorials. From foundation to eyeshadow, the gurus walk their fans through the best techniques for makeup application, and honestly, there's always more to learn.

For hardcore beauty lovers, the best way to a flawless face is technique. Whether it's how you're holding your brush, where you're placing your product, or what products you're using, so many different things can contribute to your once perfect look doing downhill quickly.

Thankfully, beauty gurus are here to give their subscribers a peek into how they get their perfected look. While most of the time gurus seem to focus on specific looks for tutorials, their how-to and do's-and-don'ts videos are some of the best if you're looking to enhance your makeup skills. After all, you can't rock that halo eye if you haven't been taught how to seamlessly blend eyeshadow.

What are some of the dos and don'ts of makeup according to gurus? There's a lot to learn.

1. Eyeshadow 101

Guru Tati Westbrook focuses specifically on eye shadow in this technique video. She discusses priming the eyes, why you need a transition shade, the importance of blending, and how to hold your brushes. Basically, it's eyeshadow 101, and it's so informative.

2. Full Face Hacks

Laure Lee takes you through her entire makeup routine. From lashes to contour to lips, she runs down the best way to apply products and mistakes that you could be making but aren't even aware of.

3. Avoiding Cake Face

If you love full coverage makeup, you may have run into the dreaded cake face at the end of the day. Christen Dominique is here to help you discover what you may be doing that's causing your makeup meltdown.

4. Product Application Blunders

Foundation matching, highlighting, eyeshadow, Jackie Aina's dos and dont's gives you all of the details on how to get the most out of your makeup. From application to products, she runs down everything.

5. Common Makeup Mistakes

ShaaanXo takes a different approach to her do-and-don't video. Instead of exaggerating her "bad" side, she recreated very common mistakes that tons of people make. In fact, her "don't" side isn't even terrible. She simply gives tips for improving the most common issues beauty lovers face.

6. Beginner Friendly Tricks

Are you a beginner looking to up your skills? Dimma Umeh's video is perfect for you. She carefully and methodically walks you through ever step in her routine discussing why she's applying certain products and how she's doing it. Even if you're a pro, this video is great.

7. Dark Skin Contour

If you have a darker complexion, Nyma Tang's channel is a must. While she's most well-known for her Darkest Shade series, her technique is impeccable. In this video, she's giving deeper complected women the best ways to highlight and contour their faces.

8. Extra AF Eyeshadow

This isn't your everyday eyeshadow dos and don'ts. Alissa Ashley walks you through an everyday, a colorful, and a smoky eye look giving you the best techniques for all three. Talk about getting the most bang for your YouTube watching buck.

If you're a makeup addict who loves geeking out over technique or a beginner looking to improve, these videos are a great place to start. From foundation to contour to eyeshadow, they'll show you everything you need to know.