8 Mental Tricks To Help You Sleep (Besides Counting Sheep)

Ashley Batz/Bustle

I was taught growing up that you'll fall asleep more easily if you imagine jumping sheep and count them, but this never seemed to work for me. The image's repetitive nature would bore me, and my own thoughts would take over. This left me wondering, what should I do with my mind when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep?

"Laying in bed with a racing mind is nothing short of torture," Corey Phelps, health and wellness educator and Founder and CEO of Cultivate by Corey, tells Bustle. "You seem to have a keen awareness of every minute passing, which amplifies stress and perpetuates an endless stream of thought, each thought a roadblock to the ultimate goal of a restful night's sleep."

When you're having trouble falling asleep, it may be tempting to worry about the insomnia itself. But this will only make sleep much more difficult. Remind yourself that just by lying down and closing your eyes, you're already getting rest, and you can have a good day tomorrow no matter how much sleep you get.

So, what should you do, then? Here are some mental tricks that might help you fall asleep if counting sheep doesn't cut it for you.