What Is Sleep Hygiene? 12 Ways To Improve Your Nighttime Routine

Ashley Batz/Bustle

I always thought “sleep hygiene” was a weird term. After all, it actually has nothing to do with hygiene. Instead, it’s “a set of behaviors that make your environment more conducive to sleep,” Dr. Tzvi Doron, a physician at Roman, tells Bustle, and it’s “recommended as the first line therapy for insomnia." If you’re anything like me, your sleep hygiene can make or break your sleep, which in turn can make or break your mood and productivity. So, it’s a concept worth familiarizing yourself with.

How energized you are when you wake up is not just about the quantity of your sleep but also about the quality of your sleep, family medicine doctor Susan Besser, MD tells Bustle. You may sleep eight hours and still wake up exhausted if you haven’t fallen into a deep sleep or you’ve been getting up throughout the night. So, sleep hygiene is not just about making sure you get eight or so hours of sleep. It’s about making sure you’re relaxed enough for that sleep to be restful.

Here are some sleep hygiene tips you can implement right now to start sleeping better at night and feeling better in the morning (and, hopefully, the entire day).