8 Rights And Privileges Men Have That Women Don't, According To Reddit

Women are forever on the pursuit to be treated equally as human beings, and not the inferior sex. There are still a number of rights and privileges men have that women don't, many enforced by law, and many made harder by a culture that continues to think we can't keep up with the guys — nor that we deserve to. A recent Reddit conversation explored this very topic and brought up many good points; and it's a mystery to me how anyone can argue that sex and gender discrimination don't exist anymore. All you have to do is look at all the things men can do that women can't; and if you really think about it... there are sadly quite a few.

To be fair, we've made some progress. More women than ever are vocalizing these inequalities and fighting for change, probably in large part due to our current administration, which is run by a bunch of straight white dudes, who — if we're being honest — would probably happily continue to keep an uneven playing field.

What inequalities are we dealing with, you're still wondering? What are women missing out on that men can do without batting an eye, any day of the week? Why, I'm so glad you asked. Take it away, Reddit...

1. The Freedom To Go Topless

Free the nipple! What's the big deal, honestly? We see men's nipples all the time and nobody freaks out. They're nipples! Nipples! Nipples! Maybe if we say it more, it'll feel more normal. NIPPLES.

Jokes aside, though, censorship happens everywhere: in public and even online. Just look at all the times Instagram has censored women's bodies. We're not even allowed to talk about periods, for crying out loud.

2. Control Over Our Bodies

Oh, hey, look! More examples of how women don't have control over their bodies! When will it end? This is a sensitive issue — I get it. I can also say, with certainty, that there's a horrible stigma still following abortion and the women who have one, and it needs to go.

3. Not Being Punished For Pregnancy

Ah, that's right. Women are a burden because of that whole procreation thing — you know, that thing that keeps our population from dying out? This is probably even tougher when your own president says pregnant women are an inconvenience.

4. A Sense Of Safety When Out At Night

This is why women take self-defense classes, and carry pepper spray, and are encouraged never to walk anywhere alone. And here's the kicker: sometimes, we're blamed for our own assaults. Isn't that funny? HA HA HA. How about we teach men to behave themselves and hold them accountable for their actions, instead?

5. Easy, Affordable, And Safe Access To Health Care

So quit telling women that we have the same access to health care as men. We don't, plain and simple. It's harder to get and more expensive, period.

6. Bodies Being Bodies, Not Sexual Objects

There's a time and a place for breasts to be sexualized, and out in public amongst strangers is not one of them. Also, let's do away with the whole "breastfeeding is gross" thing that nursing women often have to deal with in public.

7. Being Humans, Never Hosts

Host versus human — the difference in language is obvious here. Appalling, and obvious. The first is dehumanizing and attempts to strip away from a person their basic human rights.

8. Far Less Hoop-Jumping

Read the whole thing — it's worth it. Yes, this is a messy conversation with a ton of details; but the point remains the same: we don't have complete control over our bodies; and while men might not either, they certainly have more.