Spring Bank Holiday Is Going To Be Scorcher, So Here's How To Make The Most Of It


I love a bank holiday. It feels like such a bonus each time, a total win that you want to make the most of. Three days off in a row for free is a rarity, and to waste it would be criminal. In the UK, we get eight bank holidays each year, and while it's still gutting that there is no Bank Holiday for Meghan and Harry's big day, the next one thankfully falls just a week after the royal wedding. So, clearly, we need to make the most of it ... which is why I put together some party ideas for the 2018 Spring Bank Holiday.

For me, being outdoors pretty much constantly is the name of the game, and May 28 is no exception. I've been checking the forecast pretty much every day in the lead-up, and according to my research, the weather gods will be bringing us three days of mostly unbroken sunshine. Whoop — looks like it's probably safe to start planning for warm weather. If you're struggling to come up with fun things to do this Spring Bank Holiday weekend, you've come to the right place for a little bit of inspiration. Here, I've put together a list of exactly what I will be am aiming to be doing do. Disclaimer: it involves mostly sunshine, food, and booze.

Fire Up The Grill

No, I don't have a barbecue either. But buy one of these disposable ones, do a big shop, and enlist friends to bring salads, drinks, and snacks to keep you going all day. Whoever has a garden, patio, or the teeniest of balconies should be hosting and the speakers should be blasting. The neighbours won't complain — hopefully, they'll also be in an excellent Bank Holiday mood.

Pack A Picnic

I'm thinking sweet treats, rosé in a cooler, and a towel to sit on. My pick is Theye's micro-fibre towel, which is stored in a small pouch for ultimate convenience. Take it to your local park and make friends with the picnickers next to you. Bring some body glitter to add festival feels.

Get Pampering

Grab your friends, some nail varnish, polish remover, files, and more of your favorite beauty treatments. Get socialising, and start pampering yourself. Summer skin facials could be fun — I personally recommend GlamGlow, my current favourite. The My Little Pony Mask has actual glitter in it, what more could you want?

Get Some Canine Love
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Did you know that you can "borrow" a dog via BorrowMyDoggy? Sign up, get to know another dog (and owner), and enter a win-win situation where you get all the walks and puppy love you want, and the owner gets a break. Head to a park or even the coast this Bank Holiday and experience the day as a (semi) dog owner.

Go For A Hike

Plan your route now, buy water and snacks, and dust off your trainers. Start early, finish late. You'll come back tanned, knackered, and happy. Or, camp out overnight, if you dare and/or are organised enough.

Read, Read, Read

A whole day with nothing to do but sit in the garden sounds like a total privilege to me. And even if you don't have an outside space, this idea works just as well from your sofa, too. I've just finished (and loved) Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and Little Fires Everywhere, and Christodora is next on my hit list. Sure, this may be a somewhat solitary day, but you can save yourself for the evening, when you...

Have A Pimms & Pizza Party
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Somewhat self-explanatory, except all homemade. Get friends to each bring one component for the Pimms (strawberries, lemonade, mint, cucumber, ice, Pimms) and an array of pizza toppings. Layer them on to flatbreads, shove them in the oven for a few minutes, and you've got yourself a party. Try this pizza recipe and consume outdoors, naturally. For dessert, try chocolate spread on pizza dough. I'm addicted to Grenade's Carb Killa White Chocolate Spread — it has less sugar than most spreads and is high in protein, too.

Check Out MoveGB

This nifty app is made for Bank Holidays. It gives you access to gyms and fitness classes all over the country, allowing you to book last minute, and it requires no membership or commitment. You can trial three classes for free this Bank Holiday — have a look here.


Ready or not, the bank holiday is practically upon us. Get your SPF ready, call your friends, and prepare for three days of fun in the British sun.