Here's What It Means If You & Your Partner Have The Same Zodiac Sign

The stars can influence a lot of our aesthetic choices and approaches to life, with everything from our favorite drinks to our self-care routines being fair game for analysis. Therefore, it's not too much of a stretch to assume astrology can influence the people we are most drawn to as well.

Indeed, it usually means something if someone you're close to has the same zodiac sign as you. The way you vibe will be on a whole different plane — for better for or worse. Similar energies can have strong attractions and repulsions, depending on your attitude toward those you can ~twin~ with. And being the same sun sign as someone is definitely the most similar energy you can have, with 12 to choose from!

But if you're a little creeped out at realizing how many people out there with your birthday can be just like you, remember that sometimes you may not be too similar due to other differences in your chart. There can be more clarity to be had if you check out your full natal chart, where you'll find you and your BFF probably have different moon, Venus, and/or Mars signs.

But at your core, a similar sun sign is going to be a shared direction that you're headed on your spiritual journey. If you're close to someone with the same sun sign, it has all kinds of implications for your relationship, some of which you'll probably recognize below.

You have similar struggles and complaints.

If your BFF has the exact same zodiac sign as you, you're going to be running into the same problems. Capricorns can worry they're not successful, while Aries struggle with hot tempers that make them blow up at people, and Virgos can nitpick and overanalyze anything to death. If you and a loved one were born around the same month, you'll feel totally able to relate to their problems. How's that for companionship?

You know how to comfort each other.

In line with how you might share issues, you also know how to look out for each other. Self-care routines can vary from person to person, but on a broader level they may be similar based on which sign you are. Leos may want validation but some signs are less prone to giving it (such as a more detached Aquarius). Thus, a fellow Leo will get how to tell the Leo what they need in that moment to cheer up, without judging them to boot. A Cancer worried about being a pushover can also go to a fellow Cancer to be reminded that being emotional makes them an empowered, compassionate person. Only the signs that have your issues will know the right things they — and you — need to hear in those moments. Isn't it nice to be understood?

You may react to conflict in a similar way.

Watch out, because sometimes if you get in a fight, it may get heated if you end up handling it similarly. For example, sometimes a Gemini doesn't know how to bite their tongue, so this can cause waves if you're both cutting each other up during a conflict. And Scorpios can also get overly dramatic and jealous of each other, poking at their wounds until they mutually explode. It's great to have the same mind as someone you love, but watch out that what makes you could also break you.

You may be going through eerily similar life changes right now.

Depending on where the stars are in real time, you might be having parallel trials to your BFF. Maybe you are both struggling to find love, or working through conflict in the workplace, or wondering how to dissect the meaning of life. Reading your horoscope together and musing over how it manifests in either of your lives can be quite the spooky (but also interesting) experience.

It's easy to be around each other's ~vibes~.

Perhaps when you're thinking about someone to talk to, your BFF with the same zodiac sign may pop into your head first. If you share a sign, you may just love basking in the presence of people with the same soul's journey as you. It may feel the most natural, like words can just flow right out of you. Embrace those sorts of connections!

Finding out more about them can mean finding out more about yourself.

Weirdly, having the same sun sign as someone can be like holding up a mirror to yourself and seeing your own tendencies clearly. Maybe your Taurus friend is always complaining about managing their comfort levels, and as a fellow Taurus, you find yourself reflecting upon your own comfort zone. Or maybe you're a Pisces who's being super emotional, and your Pisces friend listening to your issues begins to reflect on ways she relates too. In any case, the self-awareness levels can skyrocket when you're with a fellow sun sign!

You appreciate their strengths in a way others can't.

You'll always be their biggest congratulator because you can see how much it took for them to overcome their barriers. You would know — as the same sign, you've had them too! Or are having them now.

You may cheer even harder for them to succeed.

When you relate to someone so much because of a shared sign, you may unconsciously value their success as much as your own. The similarities of trials and triumphs may make you feel energetically tied to them. Make sure to manage that bond so you don't project too much. But otherwise, cherish how close you can get to someone with your shared sign. There are 11 other options, but you and the person you're close to are this sign, and you can celebrate its awesomeness together.